News for Week of Sept. 16

Hello 2D Families! Here are a couple of quick reminders for this week:

*Please return your child’s Friday Folder empty on Monday.

*We will have library book exchange on Thursday!

*Keep bringing in Box Tops and getting sponsors for the Race For Education!

* Here’s a great opportunity to get out there and do something fun with your family AND increase our chance of receiving a School Garden Grant from The Edible Classroom! Click the link for more information!

Upcoming Events:

  • Tuesday, September 24th- CM School Picture Day
  • Friday, September 27th – 1:30 Early dismissal
  • Thursday, October 3rd-Shine Time
  • Friday, October 4th-Race for Education
  • Friday, October 11-District-wide Pink-Out day
  • Monday, October 14th-No school-Columbus Day

News for Week of Sept. 9th

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and was able to enjoy the beautiful weather! School is in full swing now and students are becoming more familiar with our second grade routines and expectations. Please remind your student the importance of focusing in class and giving his/her best effort with assignments. We already have some fabulous role models for these expectations!

Spelling tests will come home in this week’s Friday Folders ! They were fantastic! The next list was handed out on Friday and will be tested this coming Friday.

Thank you for signing the leader chart and the reading calendar! Please continue to so!

Keep working on getting sponsors for our Race For Education. The PTO needs our help! Thank you!

Special Reminders:

*Monday – PTO Meeting at 6:30 PM

*Friday – Spelling Test

Looking Ahead…

*September 24 – Picture Day

*September 27 – Early Dismissal

*October 4 – Race For Education at 9:15

*October 7 – BoxTops are due for PTO today!

*October 11- District-wide Pink-Out day

*October 14 – No school-Columbus Day

*October 21 – PTO Meeting at 6:30 PM

News for the Week of Sept. 2

Hello 2D families! It was wonderful to meet so many of you at Meet the Teacher night! If you were unable to attend, your child came home with some information outlining some key components of second grade. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

As we learn new routines, I wanted to provide some background for you so that you are familiar with these.

Spelling – Your child came home with a spelling list on Thursday. The test on these words will be Friday 9/6. Typically, your second grader will have a spelling test on Fridays and will also be given the next spelling list on Fridays. That way, you have the list for the weekend to preview and begin studying if you choose. The list will contain 10 words that are required and 5 bonus/challenge words. These are always extra credit but encouraged for students. Shortly, we will include 2 optional robust vocabulary words as well. Each spelling test will also include two dictation sentences using some of the current spelling words as well as former words and high frequency words. As we move through the first marking period, I will offer a challenge list of 20 words to the kids that need an enrichment spelling list.

Reading Calendar– Second graders brought home their September reading calendars. The calendar can be found in the back pocket of the homework folder. Your student is required to read a minimum of 120 minutes this month. Although reading every night is not required, it is recommended. After your student reads, please indicate how many minutes were read and initial the same box. At the end of the month, you will be asked to total your child’s minutes so it may be helpful for you to keep a running total each week. Reading is so important to practice! Thank you for your support!

Leader Chart– Please be sure to check your child’s reading chart each evening and sign it when all homework has been completed. Thank you so much!!

Run For Education– This is the only fundraiser this year so we are hoping for big results! Two important papers have been sent home with your student. 
-The white page is an overall info sheet about the race day, schedule, incentives, the mailer and how to find the students online donation link. To find this go to there sponsors can search for students by first and last name and make online donations. It’s very simple! 
-The green paper is the mailer, this can be used to send to a sponsor and have them enclose a check and mail it back. Unlike previous years we will not be mailing these out for families. Instructions on how to use this mailer are on the back of the white sheet. They are a special grade of paper specifically for using through the USPS system so it’s important that families do not just copy the paper if they would like to send out more than 1. There is also an online donation page that does not cost the sponsor anything!

Please reach out with any questions or concerns! Let’s make it a great week!

News for the Week of 8/26

Hello 2D Families! I am so proud of our start to the year! We are learning what it means to be a second grader and are already professionals!! I hope I have the chance to meet you Wednesday night for Meet The Teacher Night!! It will be an open house/drop in format between 4-6pm. Your second grader is invited to come along and show you our room. I am looking forward to see you!

Thank you SO MUCH for all of the tissue, hand sanitizer, band-aid, and dry erase marker donations! I REALLY appreciate your generosity!

You will notice that your child came home with homework last night. It is expected that the homework and the reading calendar (coming soon) is completed. There is a planner page in the front pocket of the folder. A new one will appear each week and will remind you of what cycle day (special) each day is, what homework is, and what color of the clip chart your child ended on. Please initial the day’s box each evening after your child has completed the homework. I will also write special notes on the days as needed.

We have an early dismissal on Thursday, and no school Friday or Monday. Happy Labor Day!

Please never hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns!

Upcoming Dates

Hello 2D Families!! I am looking forward to meeting you next week at Open House! I wanted to share a few important dates and schedule changes with you…

Mark your calendars:

  • August 28: Meet the Teacher Open House 4:00-6:00 PM
  • August 29 : Early Dismissal 1:30 PM
  • August 30 : No School
  • September 2: No School, Labor Day
  • September 27: Early dismissal 1:30 PM

PM Food Service & Meal Assistance

August 2019

School is right around the corner. It’s not too early to start getting ready. You and your family may be eligible under a federal program for Child Nutrition:

Research has shown that good nutrition has a positive impact on a child’s ability to focus and learn. It is important that we provide a nurturing environment for each child, so that individual success as a student can be maximized.  We would encourage you to review the links below and submit an application.  Even kindergarten students can qualify for meals; which is certainly helpful if you plan to send them to breakfast or for the days when they have a chance to eat lunch at school with the older students.  Please contact Brian Malek for more details.  All information is confidential.  Many families are unaware that they qualify for this meal assistance program. 

Eligibility for 2019-20

Online application

PM Food Services

CM Picnic Postponed until June 3rd

Our great PTO has been put in a tough spot today – with the high probability of thunderstorms and possible flash flooding for this evening – they are having vendors cancel.   We are going to do a rain date for Monday, June 3rd.  Same time, same place.   PTO is doing the best they can to carry over as many activities and events as possible for the new date.

Quick Updates

Friday’s lunch is Pizza!

Reading calendars are due on Friday! Please total your child’s minutes and write that amount at the bottom of the calendar. Thank you!!!

School picnic is on Thursday from 5:30-7:30.

We will be “Visiting the Garden” tomorrow instead of today. We will be doing our “Nature walk” today!

Please start looking for any books around your house that may belong to our classroom. We would love for the children next year to enjoy them!

We are sooooooooo close to third grade!!

Electronic Day-5/29


I hope you had a chance to see the half orange paper that went home last night! We have filled our gem jar and have voted on ELECTRONIC DAY! Children are allowed to bring in an electronic on WEDNESDAY, 5/29. Please sign that paper or your child will not be allowed to bring in an electronic that day.

Thank you for understanding! I hope everyone has a GREAT Memorial Day Weekend! 🙂 We’re almost there!

Mrs. DeLong

Hello 2D Families!! The week ahead is such an exciting one!

Tomorrow is our field trip and we are VERY eager! Most friends had papers come back indicating that he/she will be bringing their own bagged lunch. Everything must be disposable and no glass please. If you indicated that your child will be buying a packed lunch from the cafeteria, I will have it ready in the morning. If possible, could your child please try to wear a red shirt. Each class has its own color which will make it easier for teachers and chaperones to know where our kids are at all times. We will be doing a lot of walking so wearing sneakers is recommended! Please do not send money as it will not be necessary. I am really looking forward to the day!! Your child will also be coming home with an information sheet with these details today.

Since it is “O” day, we are OVER HOMEWORK! There will be no more required math homework or spelling lists, but DO KEEP READING for the calendar. We will continue to do our reading calendars and work to meet our reading goals. Also, please check your child’s folder today for the Book Sharing assignment as well as a Collection Project (this one is optional).

Wednesday is Olympic Day! Please apply sunscreen ahead of time at home and have your child bring a plastic water bottle to school. Mr. Binkley has also asked that our class try to wear orange that day.

Since Olympic Day is now Wednesday, we can no longer wear our pajamas that day so….Thursday will be wear pajamas, bring a quilt (towel), and read outside day all in one!

Whew….must be May! So much going on! Please contact me with any questions!