Hello 2D Families!! The week ahead is such an exciting one!

Tomorrow is our field trip and we are VERY eager! Most friends had papers come back indicating that he/she will be bringing their own bagged lunch. Everything must be disposable and no glass please. If you indicated that your child will be buying a packed lunch from the cafeteria, I will have it ready in the morning. If possible, could your child please try to wear a red shirt. Each class has its own color which will make it easier for teachers and chaperones to know where our kids are at all times. We will be doing a lot of walking so wearing sneakers is recommended! Please do not send money as it will not be necessary. I am really looking forward to the day!! Your child will also be coming home with an information sheet with these details today.

Since it is “O” day, we are OVER HOMEWORK! There will be no more required math homework or spelling lists, but DO KEEP READING for the calendar. We will continue to do our reading calendars and work to meet our reading goals. Also, please check your child’s folder today for the Book Sharing assignment as well as a Collection Project (this one is optional).

Wednesday is Olympic Day! Please apply sunscreen ahead of time at home and have your child bring a plastic water bottle to school. Mr. Binkley has also asked that our class try to wear orange that day.

Since Olympic Day is now Wednesday, we can no longer wear our pajamas that day so….Thursday will be wear pajamas, bring a quilt (towel), and read outside day all in one!

Whew….must be May! So much going on! Please contact me with any questions!

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