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Hello families!  It’s been a wild ride!  As I mentioned the other day, I am so honored to have been a part of your child’s journey and I wish you the best of luck as you move on to third grade!  

I am unable to unsubscribe you from my blog, it is something that you will need to do from your own computer.  Beginning Monday, I will be posting information for next year’s second graders.  To unsubscribe, you need to click on the word “unsubscribe” and then when prompted, click unsubscribe again.  

Have a wonderful summer!! 🙂 Try to relax and enjoy some family time!

2 thoughts on “Unsubscribing to this Blog

  1. Lea Sexton

    Hello Mrs. DeLong. First of all as rylee sextons mother, i would like to personally thank you for not only being my girls teacher but also truly caring for your students. Rylee loved you so much and it broke my heart when school ended so abruptly. In my opinion, you’re the best teacher she has had. Thank you so much for that. On another note i am wondering about the school year books. I had ordered one for her and they were supposed to be in by mid april but since all of this happened, i do not know what is going on with them. Are they being distributed still or will i be refunded? Also what are we to do about things left in desks and school bucks accounts? I would truly appreciate your reply even if you aren’t sure yourself. Thank you. Have a great day.

    1. jboyd

      Hi Lea!! Thank you so much for the kind words. At this time, yearbooks are halted due to COVID but I believe students will get them next year or when the district has updates from the company. If a yearbook was ordered, we will make sure she gets it or money back. Thank you so much! If you have any more questions specifically, please reach out to Mr. Malek or Mrs. Smith (megan.smith@pennmanor.net) and they can give you more direct answers. Thank you again!

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