To extend learning at home please be sure to check out the My Math website:

Your student will be given a log-in code and password!

Math Chapters we will cover this year:

Chapter 1: Place Value to 100

Chapter 2: Apply Addition Concepts

Chapter 3: Apply Subtraction Concepts

Chapter 4: Organize and Use Data

Chapter 5: Model Two-Digit Addition

Chapter 6: Model Two-Digit Subtraction

Chapter 7: Determine the Value of Money

Chapter 8: Measure Time and Temperature

Chapter 9: Model Fractions

Chapter 10: Use Place Value to 1,000

Chapter 11: Understand Geometric Shapes and Spatial Reasoning

Chapter 12: Measure Length and Area

Chapter 13: Measure Capacity and Weight

Chapter 14: Solve Three Digit Addition and Subtraction Problems

Chapter 15: Model Multiplication and Division

*We will also be working on Basic Math Facts this year through a program called Rocket Math.  Your student will be timed for one minute to recall as many addition and subtraction facts.  As children pass various levels, they will move to more difficult ones.  Levels range from A-Z.  I encourage students to practice basic facts at home!  We also will play Around the World in class and use the program, XtraMath!

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