REPORT CARDS……..and mushy stuff…….

Report cards are being sent by mail starting today. You should receive your child’s report card next week. Every skill area for Kindergarten will be marked N/A since we could not evaluate each child during this time. Parents, do not worry……your child is ready for first grade. Continue to practice sight words, sounding out words, writing stories, math concepts (listed on the report card) and READ!!!!!! Whether you read to them or they are able to read to you……..have fun READING!!!! BUT the most important activity to do this summer is to enjoy being together. Laugh, be silly, dance, run around in a sprinkler!!! I loved teaching your child this year. Each one was so special, funny, enthusiastic and endearing. Cherish this time with them. Fondly, JoLynn Drexel

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  1. Julie Duttry says:

    Opal and I wish you a fun and safe summer. These last few months sure were challenging and fun. Since we were not able to be in the class I was going to send you in a book to sign for Opal. My plans is to have all her teachers sign this book each school and at her graduation gift it to her. The book is Oh, The Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss. It would be sweet if you could send her a message and I can place the note in her book

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