Photos/Videos needed…


Everyone has been working so hard and we would love to see what else you’ve been doing at home. We are planning to create a video by grade level and have students showcase themselves however they would like to be showcased.  So, your child could share a video or picture of themselves with their sheep, their new hens, or the cool science video they created for an assignment! This will also allow kids to see their peers across the entire grade level and will be a great way to end the year with a final farewell! Please email photos or videos to Mrs. O’Donnell at Emily.O’ by Friday May 15.  If it is easier to sent directly to Mrs. Loreto, that is also fine. I will be sure Mrs. O’Donnell gets it! Thank you for your support! 

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Books, anyone???

It has been brought to my attention that Scholastic Book Club is still shipping books. They are willing to ship to my home and I will gladly arrange pick up (or even deliver to your home). If you are running low on your book selections and are gearing up for some summer reading, this is a GREAT opportunity for you. They are the most reasonable books to purchase.

If you would like to place an order through Scholastic Book Club, through our classrooom code: J8GCJ, please do! I will be closing the order next Friday, May 8th (in the evening) if you would like to place an order for books (at any level, so feel free to order for younger/older siblings as well). I will not restrict the catalogs, so feel free to shop all of Scholastic. It is a great opportunity to get some fresh reads and prepare for summer and next school year.

I hope you decide to place the order. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. 🙂

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From the desk of Mr. Malek…

The health and safety of all Penn Manor students, families, and staff is the number one priority for the Penn Manor School District during this impact of Covid-19.  Due to this unwavering commitment, we are informing all elementary families that your child’s teacher will be taking inventory of items in your child’s locker and desk.  These items will be secured and stored in your child’s school until school resumes in the Fall of 2020.  Upon return to our physical buildings, your child will receive his/her property to begin the 2020-2021 school year. If there is an essential item that your child needs prior to the start of the 2020-2021 school year, please contact Mr. Malek at

6th grade students who are transitioning to the middle school will be given a different set of directions by Mr. Malek and the sixth grade teachers in the near future.

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Tech Tips Update…

The Penn Manor tech department has created a fantastic site to help you and your student with questions you may have during remote learning about Google Classroom. Topics include how to complete an assignment in Google Classroom, how to add an image in Classroom, and how you can hold a Google Meet on your phone or tablet.

You can find this resource by either going to the remote learning site, clicking on Tech Tips and then clicking on Google Tips.

Or you may go directly to Google Tips.

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4/24 Weekly Wrap-up for 5L…

Just a few reminders in a place easy to find for the following week(s):

Specials- if you have completed a specialist assignment this week or in the coming weeks, I am including the specialists contact emails for you to share directly with them. I’d be more than happy to share with them as well, but a few families have expressed it would be much easier to have these emails easily accessible, so I am including them below.
Art (Mrs. Compton)- emily.compton@pennmanor.netApplied Engineering (Mr. Andrews)- mark.andrew@pennmanor.netMusic (Mrs. Repkoe)- sarah.repkoe@pennmanor.netPhysical Education (Mr. Binkley)-*If you are loading an assignment onto your Google Drive, you may also just share it with them by simply beginning to type their names in to share. An email will be sent to them to let them know. Please be sure to label the assignment with your name and include 5Loreto, to make it easier for them to find your classroom. They have lots of kiddos to keep track of at CM! Let’s make this as easy as possible for them. 🙂

Class Meetings: We will continue to hold our OPTIONAL class meetings on Thursdays at 1:00. The link will be found in the Team Loreto google classroom after 12:40 the day of each meeting. Let me know if you have any questions. 

****PLEASE READ*****

Assignments: After an assignment is turned in, I will make comments to the assignment and return to the student. If an assignment is returned and is ALL GOOD or done well and I don’t ask for a resubmission, PLEASE don’t return to me again. Google classroom has made things much easier to manage with so many assignments coming in. It helps teachers to stay organized. If a student continues to return to the teacher (when the assignment is done well and good to go) it continues to alert the teacher the assignment has been turned in again and the teacher will keep looking at it thinking corrections were made. It gets a little confusing and takes so much extra time opening these assignments so many times. I hope this makes sense. This is just something we, teachers, are learning about as we go, as well. Thanks for your understanding with this. 

Contact me: Please contact me with any questions or concerns. Today, I will be in a meeting during my office hours but will be available most of the rest of the day. Please reach out at any time and I will make my best efforts to help you through google meet, email, a video, or even phone calls. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your participation, support, and grace during this time. We appreciate it! Take time to unwind, unplug, and enjoy your time together this weekend!

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World Book Day is 4/23…

Grab a good book and dive in… the CM teachers are! Check it out! What have you been reading, lately???

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Thank you, CM families!

Please take a minute (or 2) and enjoy. We thank you and appreciate you more than you know!

Click here- Thank you!!!!

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Thank you, thank you!

First, I want to say THANK YOU to all students for their efforts for the first official week of completing the remote learning assignments. I also want to thank parents for all of your support. I know it is not easy to balance our new way of living and I truly appreciate everything you do for your children during this time of uncertainty. We couldn’t do this without you. Remember- I am here to support you and am very flexible. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

I also want to say THANK YOU for showing myself and the other teachers so much grace at this time. As we have expressed before, this is new territory for all of us. We are beyond grateful that you have shown us so much understanding and grace over the last couple of weeks, as we navigate all the new ways of learning, teaching, and reaching out to you all. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Next, I want to remind students that there will be NEW assignments on the remote learning site on Monday April 20th (they will also be uploaded in your google classrooms (ELA, Math, SS, Science). These assignments are NEW learning material. This is where I come in. If you do not understand the learning objectives for any of these assignments in any subject, I am here to help. My office hours will be 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm and I am also available throughout the day. (I check my email very frequently.) As long as a parent is present, I can hold google meetings with individual students who are not understanding the material on an as needed basis)

Just like last week, we are strongly encouraging you to try your best to complete 2 ELA assignments, 2 Math assignments, 1 Science assignment, and 1 Social Studies assignment. Also, please don’t forget to check out the assignments that are coming from your specialist. When you complete any of the specialist activities, send your work directly to them. You may also email them with questions.

Please complete the assignments in YOUR GOOGLE CLASSROOMS instead of emailing me the work moving forward. ALL ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE POSTED IN THESE CLASSROOMS. You can still upload pics and videos in google classrooms. It is much easier that all assignments are in one place in order to keep track of it all on my end. We will also be doing our weekly google meetings through our Team Loreto google classroom starting Thursday April 23rd. We will be meeting again at 1:00. The link will be posted in the google classroom after 12:30, that afternoon.

Because the 5th grade assignments are not listed day by day like other grade levels, I want to offer to you a daily work schedule. If you follow this- you will have “OFF” from school every Friday 🙂 Please remember this is a SUGGESTED work schedule and is not required to follow. We thought it might be helpful so students and parents do not feel overwhelmed.

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Don’t forget…

This morning at our virtual faculty meeting, Mr. Malek discussed with us the procedures for specials. On a normal school day, students attend a differnt ‘special’ throughout the week. On the remote learning site, the specialists have created assignments and activities that students are encouraged to complete. As you complete one of the assignments/tasks, please remember to email the appropriate teacher (or you can email me and I will pass onto the specialist). The specialists will be keeping track of the assignments completed for a participation grade for marking period 4. Don’t forget to check them out. They can be a great way to break up your school day or a way to give yourself a break from an assignment you are completing for the classroom teacher.

Have fun exploring and don’t forget to communicate your participation with us!

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Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a happy Easter! We are rolling here with phase 2 of the COE plan. I hope you have all had a chance to go find your email through Google and also check out the assignments for the week. These assignments will span from 4/13-4/17.

Again, I have entered your ELA assignments for the week in the ELA Google classroom and Writing Google classroom. I was also able to make a copy of the Revolutionary War journal and post it into an assignment for Loreto Social Studies Google classroom. If you’d prefer to go in through there to complete the assignment, that is great. I’m piloting this for our 5th grade team to see how assignments go if we load them into the google classrooms.

One final note- when you are completing the assignments, please be sure to work through the entire assignment and complete before submitting. There have been a few assignments submitted that seem to be either incomplete or the student didn’t read the directions to meet the expectations of the assignment. Please be sure to read through the description of the assignment and email me with questions, whenever you need! I am here to help! Please share your feedback, if you have any to share!

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