Snow days update…

Well, I hope everyone is staying warm and safe on these unexpected snow/ice days this week! I know my family has definitely benefited from them… and so is my house! Due to the snow days, school will now be in session on Friday, March 29th and Thursday, April 18th. Please be sure to mark your calendars!

Seeing that we forgot to send the class list home with students on Friday to participate in optional Valentines exchange for Thursday, you will fine the list below: (we have 23 students)

Matthew Maryam Chase B. Josh Alexis Aliyah Kennedy Abby Ayden Diana Grace Abdiel Davaughn Ella Chloe M. Caitlyn Trevor Jordan Owen Joey Ethan Chase V. Chloe W.

We have a quick content quiz scheduled for the translation to the Preamble, scheduled for tomorrow (Wednesday). Please don’t forget to study your BRIGHT BLUE translation sheet. If you or your child can’t seem to locate this paper, please contact me and I will gladly email you a copy. It was put in red folders last Thursday.

Don’t forget to keep studying and working on your spelling packet! That will still be due on Friday, 2/15.

Have a good afternoon and stay warm!

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Hello February!

Here we are, already into the month of February. Lots has been happening in 5L lately!

As you know, Miss Nguyen is now back with the class each day for the remainder of the school year. We are all thrilled to have her back!

The 3rd marking period is in full swing now! Just a few reminders:

*Report cards went home on Friday, 2/1. Please be sure to sign the envelope and return, along with the comments sheet, at your earliest convenience. The actual report cars is for you to keep. As always, please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have at any time!

*Just a reminder that when I student earns below a 70% on an assignment, they are required to make corrections to the assignment and get the assignment signed by a parent/guardian, to earn half credit back for that particular assignment. I will not be chasing students down to do this but gently reminding them to remember to do so. I am hoping to pull back a bit more as to prepare them and help them establish better habits for 6th grade and their middle school future. Students that are just unhappy with a grade in my class may also do corrections to improve his/her grade on an assignment, as well. This policy has been set in place since the beginning of the school year and has been repeated to the students many times. This is just a reminder as we have crossed over the halfway point of the school year! Yikes!!!

What’s happening in 5L:

We are currently working on the Government unit in social studies with Mrs. Loreto, but will be switching to science with Mr. Birch around halfway through the 3rd marking period. We will be communicating when that will be as the time gets closer!

Spelling continues to be weekly. We are sending new lists and packets home each Friday for the following week. We test our lists on Fridays (unless otherwise noted). The lists are becoming much more challenging and students may need to take a look at the way they’ve been preparing for the weekly tests, as this may not be sufficient anymore. Students did bring home the spelling tests from lesson 17, today. The grades were not as stellar as they’ve been, but hoping this was a good wake-up call for some that it may be time to spend just a bit more time reviewing each week.

In ELA, we are finishing up with our focus skill of inferences. Students are having some fun with this skill. We will soon move onto focusing on the main idea and details in stories and our writing, and then we will take a look at the author’s purpose and perspective. A fun, and sometimes challenging skill to explore!

Finally, in math, we are wrapping up with chapter 8 and the beginning of fractions. We will spend the majority of the 3rd marking period working more with fractions- adding, subtracting like and unlike fractions, multiplying and dividing them, more comparing and simplifying, as well as changing them over to decimals.

Mark your calendars:

Friday, 2/8– “Freaky Friday” to help promote the upcoming high school musical. (Students dress as teachers/ teachers as students)

Monday, 2/11– PTO Meeting @ 6:30 in the CM Library

Friday, 2/15– School is NOW IN SESSION! (weather make-up day)

Friday, 2/15– Scholastic Book Club Orders due!

Monday, 2/18– President’s Day *NO SCHOOL!*

Friday, 2/22– PMSD “Kids at Work Day” (more info to come from school soon!)

Tuesday, 2/26– Spring Picture Day (more info to come)

Friday, 3/1– 1:30 Dismissal!

Wednesday, 3/6– CM Science Expo 3-4:30 in CM Gym!

Friday, 3/8– PTO CM Movie Night!

Valentine’s Day Update...

We will recognize Valentine’s Day with a little treat next Thursday. We will send home a class list with students tomorrow (along with book order forms) for any student that would like to bring in a valentine for each student in the class. This is COMPLETELY OPTIONAL! Please be sure that if your child is bringing in a valentine for students in the class, there should be one for every student in the class. Lists will come home tomorrow if you are interested.

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Happy New Year!

Wow, how did that happen already?! One of my resolutions for the year was to be better with updating my blog (was shooting for once a week) and looks like I’m not off to the best start but a start nonetheless! I hope you all had a relaxing, enjoyable, fun-filled holiday and break. I know the Loreto house was busy with family gatherings, catching up with friends, lots of lego sets, and helping our new puppy, Beau, get used to his new family. It was in the best busy possible!

Now that we are back into the swing of things, I wanted to just take a minute to send out a few reminders and updates on what 5L is up to these days…

The Reading Fair Project is soon due (Monday, Jan. 14th). I know many of the students are feverishly working on their boards and getting ready to bring them into school. If anyone is still struggling to find a board, we have a VERY limited supply (from the Dollar General) that Mr. Birch was able to secure. There are only a few left but if you are interested, students may bring in $1 to purchase a board from Mr. Birch to get the project done. If you are unaware of the guidelines/specifications of this project, please contact me and I will send you a copy of the rubric and specifications, directly. I can’t wait to see what the students have been reading and working on over the last month! We will also be opening up the fair to families that are interested in coming in to see the completed projects on Thursday, January 24th. I will be sending home more information on this event very soon. Stay tuned!

The Heritage project that students were researching before the holiday break, will continue in marking period 3. The Reading Fair Project took off as a grade level project and so we had to set the other project aside for a bit of time. Thank you for understanding.

Students have also been introduced to a Newsela Challenge for the next month. We are striving to read and engage in articles on Newsela that interest each individual in the classroom. Each student earns a hole punch in their reward card for every article that is read and accompanied by a quiz. The quiz score needs to be a 3/4 or 4/4 to earn the credit. The class set a goal to fill 28 cards with punches by the end of the 30 days. Students have been very excited about this incentive!

A few other reminders:

*Father/Daughter Dance forms are due back by January 17th. If interested, please be sure to send in your registration!

*Box Top Blitz is happening now! Get those box tops in when you can!!!

*Marking period 2 will end on January 17th. Report cards will be delivered to students on February 1st.

*Winter is officially here! I know it sometimes isn’t “cool” to wear a coat to school, or even long pants, but students will be going outside for lunch recess whenever possible. Please be sure to send your child to school wearing the appropriate attire for the weather. Thanks so much for your support and cooperation!

Mark your calendars…

1/17- End of marking period 2

1/18- No School K-12 (In-Service Day)

1/21- No School Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday

1/25- K-12 1:30 Early Dismissal

2/1- Report Cards coming home!

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Where has October gone?

I don’t know about you but I feel like this year is flying by! We are already more than halfway through October and almost done with marking period 1. Time sure is flying!

I wanted to send out a few reminders for some upcoming events. This week is “Teamwork Makes the Dream Work” spirit week. A small orange sheet came home on Friday with the information but I wanted to share publicly with all families as well.

Spirit Week details:

Mon. 10/22– Favorite Penn Manor shirt/jersey (or wear blue/gold) *district teamwork*

Tues. 10/23– “Scrabble”- attach a letter to your shirt. Can you find other students and make some robust vocabulary? *literacy teamwork*T

Wed. 10/24– PJ Day- Teamwork makes the DREAM work! *school-wide teamwork*

Thurs. 10/25- Favorite sports jersey/team *sports teamwork*

Fri. 10/26– Penn Manor District Wide “PINK OUT’*district teamwork*


Thank you all for returning your forms for conference requests. As you already know, the 1st marking period is coming to a close at the end of the month. We will be sending home your conference time slips on Monday, 10/22. They will give you the specific dates and times of your conferences. Please sign and return your slip or contact me with any concerns you may have. 


Just a reminder that all assessments that are completed in Mrs. Loreto’s room are always able to be corrected and returned with a signature for 1/2 credit. Many students take advantage of this, regularly. There are some students that could benefit from this but have not yet taken advantage of this opportunity. 

We will be wrapping up with Spelling for the marking period after lesson 8. We will start it back up in marking period 2 with lesson 9. I wanted to make families aware, for when your child comes home and tells you there is not a spelling packet for 2 weeks. This is true! 

Students were also offered a super speller list this week for the first time this year. After taking the lesson 8 spelling pretest, if a student earned 3 or less incorrect, they had the opportunity to try the super speller list.  This week I encouraged them all to try the list even if it looked too difficult. It is a completely different set of words with the regular challenge words built in, and different packet to complete. This will be done on a weekly basis with each new list. Once a student is on the super speller list, it doesn’t mean they are stuck there. It’s only for that week. Also, there are no super speller lists on the review weeks (lesson 10, 15, 20, 25, 30).

The packet is still due on Friday, 10/26 and they will complete the test then as well. Way to go to the students that took on this challenge!

Calendar Reminders~

10/22-10/26- Bus Driver Appreciation Week!

10/22-10/26- Teamwork Spirit Week at CM! (see daily themes above)

Sun. 10/28- Designer Bag Bingo at Manor Church! 

Fri. 11/2-  No school for students! (K-12 In-Service day)

Wed. 11/7- 1:30 Dismissal (Conference day!) *papers coming home Monday!

Thurs. 11/8- 1:30 Dismissal (

Fri. 11/9- 1:30 Dismissal 

Wed. 11.21- 1:30 Dismissal

Thurs. 11/22- Happy Thanksgiving! (enjoy your break!)

Fri. 11/23 & Mon. 11/26- No School! (Fall break)

Character Themes~

This month (October) we are working with the character education theme of  Teamwork.


Hopefully, you are all getting the Remind texts that you’ve signed up for. Please let me know if you are not receiving or there is a problem with this feature. I use it most every day to communicate homework and simple reminders. This information should be in your child’s planner as well, but this is just a way to double up on sharing information.

Teamwork success!
More teamwork success!

Listening to teammates.
Practicing patience as a team!
Communicating as a team!

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Ned’s Kindness Adventure

Today we had the pleasure of attending an assembly called Ned’s Kindness Adventure. Please ask your child more about the assembly and what they learned about trying new things and about the differences we see in others. 

Students will have an opportunity to support Ned’s Kindness Adventures and have a hand in helping to bring fresh water to Kenya by making a purchase of the Kenyan treasures available both Thursday and Friday after lunch this week. Please follow the link attached for more information on the treasures available and more about what Ned’s Adventures are all about.

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Mid-September update…

We’ve been busy in 5L these past few weeks. Our first SHINE TIME was held last Friday! Our KINDNESS leader of the month had a great time sharing her kindness with others around the school first thing on Friday morning! Thank you for always being ready to share your kindness with us, Caitlyn!

We had our first buddy activity with our 1st grade buddies. It was a great afternoon for everyone, exploring what makes us each a wonder in this big world in which we live. Please ask your child about his/her buddy. We hope to meet with the buddy class at least 1-2 times a month. It is such a great opportunity to demonstrate our role model skills and get to know some new faces around CM. 

We completed our first ELA and Math assessments last week. Students worked extremely hard. Please be sure to check folders on Friday and Monday afternoons. We will be sending home tests/papers to families on these days to keep everyone updated and in the loop.

Miss Nguyen took the class on a journey to find the lost colony of Roanoke in her first lesson with the class. This was extremely engaging for the students and they seemed to be very intrigued.

Some reminders coming up…

*Social Studies 13 colonies map quiz will be on Wednesday this week, 9/19. Check out this cool link to help your child study! 

*All Kids Stuff books should be returned ASAP. They were due to PTO by Friday, 9/14.

*9/25 is Picture Day at CM. Please check folders for picture information. These went home in folders on Friday, 9/14.

*9/28- No school for students, teacher in-service.

Have a great week!

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A few quick updates…

It has been a great start to the school year so far! I’m enjoying getting to know your children and learning about the various personalities and work habits in the classroom.

As the year is beginning to get underway, I wanted to be sure to pass on some important information to you early. J

  • We have started assessing students in different areas, and will continue to do so throughout the school year.  While ALL assessments will be sent home to families, a signature is ONLY required on assessments with a grade of 70% or below. 
  • Students are also required to make corrections on assessments with a grade of 70% or below, to earn half credit back for the final grade.  This is the current policy for Mrs. Loreto’s class only.  When students begin to switch for Math and Science, Mr. Birch will communicate his grading policy, at that time.
  • Students will be switching to Mr. Birch’s class for Science as a homeroom.  This will occur after the mid-point of each marking period.  We split each marking period into halves for content all year. (1st half- Social Studies with Mrs. Loreto, 2nd half- Science with Mr. Birch)
  • Please be sure to send in an excuse notes for your child if an absence occurs, when the student returns to school.
  • Students will have time each afternoon to fill out planners.  A REMIND text will also be sent to participating families, with the assignments listed, also.
  • We began introducing our character themes for CM, today! We are spending the month of September learning more about and practicing KINDNESS!  Ask your child about our discussions and activities!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me. 

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It’s here!!!

Wow!  This year flew by!

We had a great time at Indian Echo Caverns last week!  Although it was warm, the caverns kept us nice and cool!

Some last week of school reminders and lunch choices are listed below…

*Tuesday– bring a board game and even a towel to sit on if you’d like.  Afternoon fun! (A Lunch- steak sandwich)

PTO picnic rescheduled for Tuesday night- 5:30-7:30! —

*Wednesday- wear sneakers for some 5th grade afternoon fun.  You may also bring your yearbooks/memory books if you’d like to get some signatures from other classes.  Let’s hope for no rain! (A Lunch- assorted pizza)

*Thursday– LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!  11:30 dismissal on Thursday.  There will be no breakfast or lunch served on this day! We will have SHINE time, meet your 6th grade teacher, and classroom wrap up!

Thank you again for all your support and encouragement this school year.  It has been a pleasure and very enjoyable getting to know and work with your child in class this year.  Thanks for sharing them with me! 🙂


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Field Trip!!!

As most of you know, we will be going on our field trip to Indian Echo Caverns tomorrow, June 1st!

We will be gone the entire day (departing from CM at 9:15am and arriving back to school around 3:00pm) Students do not need to bring their book bags to school.

Here are a few reminders for your children-

  •    Please make sure they bring a paper bag lunch (disposable). *If your child is buying lunch from the cafeteria, we will provide it to them when they arrive to school on Friday.
  •    All electronics (cell phones, etc.) will not be allowed on the field trip!
  •    If your child brings a water bottle, it needs to be in their lunch bag and one that can be recycled.
  •    Please include your child’s name and homeroom teacher’s name on their lunch bag.
  •    If your child is interested in making a purchase at the gift shop, please make sure their money is in a wallet or baggie so it does not get lost! (We will have “shopping” time during the day)

For Chaperones Only:

  • Please be at CM by 9:00am if you would like to follow the buses to the Caverns. We will be departing by 9:20am.  

If you would like meet us at Indian Echo Caverns,  please arrive no later than 10am.

  •   When you arrive, I will give you the schedule for the day and your groups.
  •    Let me know if you have any questions!


**Remember- chaperones will not be riding the buses.


See you all tomorrow!!!

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We are certainly winding the year down!

Some events to mark on your calendar are:

5/11- 1:30 Early Dismissal

5/17- Olympic Day 1:15-3:15

5/25- School is NOW IN SESSION!

5/28- Memorial Day– No School!

5/31- PTO End of Year Picnic 5:30-7:30

6/1- 5th grade Field trip to Indian Echo Caverns (see letter attached)- sent home today!

6/7- Last student day- 11:30 dismissal! *No lunch or breakfast is served on this day!*


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