Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a happy Easter! We are rolling here with phase 2 of the COE plan. I hope you have all had a chance to go find your email through Google and also check out the assignments for the week. These assignments will span from 4/13-4/17.

Again, I have entered your ELA assignments for the week in the ELA Google classroom and Writing Google classroom. I was also able to make a copy of the Revolutionary War journal and post it into an assignment for Loreto Social Studies Google classroom. If you’d prefer to go in through there to complete the assignment, that is great. I’m piloting this for our 5th grade team to see how assignments go if we load them into the google classrooms.

One final note- when you are completing the assignments, please be sure to work through the entire assignment and complete before submitting. There have been a few assignments submitted that seem to be either incomplete or the student didn’t read the directions to meet the expectations of the assignment. Please be sure to read through the description of the assignment and email me with questions, whenever you need! I am here to help! Please share your feedback, if you have any to share!

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