5th grade Curriculum


Our Focus Skills this year include: Plot (Conflict and Resolution), Character’s Motives, Theme, Text Structure (Sequence), Compare and Contrast, Cause and Effect, Author’s Purpose and Perspective, Literary Devices, Summarize and Paraphrase, and Fact and Opinion.  We also learn new vocabulary every lesson and practice a variety of different Reading Strategies.


  • September: 3-paragraph essay
  • October: Personal Narrative
  • November: Fictional Narrative
  • December: Persuasive Writing
  • January: Poetry
  • February: Informative Report
  • March: PSSA Prompt Practice
  • April/May: Multi-Genre Project
Chapter 1 – Use Place Value
Chapter 2 – Add and Subtract Whole Numbers and Decimals
Chapter 3 – Multiply Whole Numbers
Chapter 4 – Divide Whole Numbers
Chapter 5 – Use Algebraic Expressions
Chapter 6 – Use Equations and Function Tables
Chapter 7 – Display and Interpret Data
Chapter 8 – Develop Fraction Concepts
Chapter 9 – Use Factors and Multiples
Chapter 10 – Add and Subtract Fractions
Chapter 11 – Use Measures in The Customary System
Chapter 12 – Use Measures in the Metric System
Chapter 13 – Identify, Compare, and Classify Geometric Figures
Chapter 14 – Measure Perimeter, Area, and Volume
Chapter 15 – Use Probability to Make Predictions

Social Studies:

This year, it’s all about American History!  (Yeah!)  We explore the Thirteen Colonies and Colonial Life, The Revolutionary War, Westward Expansion (including Oregon Trail), and The U.S. Government.  Social Studies will be taught by Mrs. Loreto.


Units covered include Energy, Space, Earth’s Changes, and Rocks and Minerals.  Students will continue to practice using the Scientific Process as they work through these units.  Science will be taught by Mr. Birch.

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