Tuesday, March 12 (Day B)


  • PSSA Review-7 #1-3 and p. 805-806 #1-12 evens
  • practice your basic multiplication/division facts 
  • PEER MENTORING: Under my supervision, each day at lunch/recess math help is available for students who might need extra practice on math concepts. I encourage student self-awareness when assessing needs; however, as a parent if you see that your child is struggling with a particular math concept, please encourage him/her to take advantage of this program.


  • Lesson 23 vocabulary test–next Tuesday
  • Finish the unit 4 TDA 2-column notes and good copy if you didn’t finish in class. It is due tomorrow morning.
  • read for pleasure


  • Lesson 24 (sight words, r-controlled vowel words, academic vocabulary)–test Friday and worksheet due by Friday.


  • DLR 17-Thursday


  • Five-point quiz on the 3 branches of PA Government (4-O Tuesday; 4-G Wednesday)



  • WWE (weekly work envelope) and blue report must be signed and returned by Friday.
  • We are on our LAST box of tissues. We would greatly appreciate any donations you can send in. Thanks in advance:)
  • School is now in session on March 29, April 18, May 24.
  • Book exchange–Friday, March 15.