Friday, April 26 (Day A)


  • With math PSSA testing completed, we will review the previously taught four chapters, complete a practice test for each and then take the test. Today we reviewed chapter 11 U.S. Customary Measurement. Students have their corrected practice test as a study guide. Chapter 11 test–Monday.


  • read for pleasure


  • Lesson 29 (sight words, r-controlled vowel words, academic vocabulary)–test Friday and worksheet due by Friday.


  • DLR 22-Monday
  • Students’ final Wax Museum draft is due Tuesday. Students will then be instructed on the fine art of memorization. Wax Museum event will be held May 17 with two showings: 10:30-11:00 and 2:00-2:30.




  • WWE (weekly work envelope) and blue report must be signed and returned by Friday.
  • Student field trip money ($6) is due by Friday, May 3
  • We have applications for any student who would like a library card . The library will deliver the cards to Conestoga and then we will make sure students receive them before summer. Completed applications are due to the office by April 30.
  • Science PSSA testing will be Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. Getting enough sleep the night before, eating a good breakfast, and arriving at school on time are important to help your child be at his/her best. Students are permitted gum and hard candy during testing. Please do not send any unnecessary electronics. We appreciate your support as we prepare for these tests.
  • Wax Museum–Friday, May 17 (showings: 10:30-11:00 am & 2:00-2:30 pm)
  • Recess Running Club (Tuesday and Thursday)–begins April 16 through May 7
  • Music lessons with Miss Almoney–Monday, May 6
  • Book exchange–Thursday, May 2
  • Volunteer sign up for Field Day, May 9