Friday, May 29

It was so enjoyable and rewarding to be a part of your academic success in fourth grade. Thank you for a wonderful school year; albeit an unusual ending!. Have a safe and fun-filled summer. See you in the halls in September, fingers crossed! 🙂

PM Virtual Coding Camp – This summer the district will be offering a Virtual Opportunity for students who will be going into 5th and 6th grade in the fall.

Virtual Coding Camp 2020.png
  • Students will have an initial online meeting with Mrs. Keller or Mrs. Foster. In June they will join a CSFirst classroom online to receive coding instructions and access to Google’s CSFirst coding videos.After the initial CSFirst sessions, students will be able to navigate the self-paced lessons to create fun engaging coding projects.Click on the following link to complete a form if you are interested in participating  Internet is required. This camp is available to Penn Manor students at no cost.
  • Information from Mrs. Paules, our librarian: The author of Harry Potter, J. K. Rowling, has written a new book!  You can read it for FREE online.  New chapters will be posted every day from now until July.  Also, there is a competition for students to create illustrations for the new book.  Your parents can submit your illustrations on the website to try and get them printed in the book.
  • Report cards will be mailed, and you should receive them next week. At the bottom of the comments section, it will name your teacher for next year. Your report card will also be posted in Sapphire next week.
  • You can check out the Conestoga 6th grade graduation ceremony and slideshow on the Conestoga blog.
  • Answer to yesterday’s reading riddle: The thief’s coins were greasy from the pastry, and the judge saw the grease float to the top of the water.