Tuesday, April 8

Hi students! Mrs. Graham and I are attempting a Google Hangouts Meet for tomorrow, Wednesday, April 8, at 11 am. You can join our Hangouts meet by using the address below or the invitation in the Google Classroom email you should have received. Also, check out the youtube tutorial below on how to connect to a Google Hangouts Meet. 🙂 We’ll talk and see each other tomorrow if you are able to join us! This is our first attempt, so fingers crossed. 😉


Monday, April 6

Conestoga teachers reading books: follow this LINK.

Students–you may continue to work on last week’s subject posts and read books from the EPIC site. Here is the link to the fourth-grade district resources.

Check out FUN LINKS on the right–Flocabulary and EPIC books have been added! To get the EPIC class code, place your cursor over the link and just copy and paste.

Hi kids–if you’re looking for another optional activity, go to your Google classroom social studies and click on Flocabulary, Map Skills. After watching the video, you can choose to complete the following activities (located to the left of the video): vocab cards, vocab game, read and respond, quiz, and lyric lab. In lyric lab you can write your own rap–type a line, click to get rhyming words, and choose a beat:)

Friday, April 3

Conestoga teachers reading books: follow this LINK.

Check Miss Brennan out:) https://sites.google.com/pennmanor.net/readalong/home

UPDATE-Square1Art Fundraiser
Due to recent events of COVID-19 we are ending our fundraiser sooner than planned. 
IMPORTANT NOTES:-Sale ends April 9th (no paper orders will be accepted)-Order now for free shipping-If you haven’t received your child’s catalog and don’t have the access code, please email Danielle.bardo@pennmanor.net for the code.-Once school is back in session, the free stickers with your child’s artwork will be distributed to those who haven’t received their catalog.-If you placed an order before April 9th, email Danielle.bardo@pennmanor.net with a time you can pick up items CURBSIDE (please stay in your vehicle and pull up to the curb) at Conestoga Elementary on April 28th between the hours of 9:00am and 2:30pm.
Don’t want to place an order at this time……Square1Art never deletes your child’s art access code. What does this mean?  You can place an order via phone in the upcoming years, pay for shipping and have it delivered directly to your home. Best of all, Conestoga Elementary still receives benefits from all orders!  ***Please note, if you purchase a school wall tile after April 9th they will be delivered to your home. Once school is back in session you would bring the tile to the school to be displayed.***
Thank you to everyone who has already participated in our fabulous art fundraiser!   A special thank you to Miss Fasnacht for helping all our artists with their projects! 
Click below to order online now. 

Wednesday, April 1

Hi kids–if you’re looking for another optional activity, go to your Google classroom science and click on Flocabulary, The Water Cycle. After watching the video, you can choose to complete the following activities (located to the left of the video): vocab cards, vocab game, read and respond, quiz, and lyric lab. In lyric lab you can write your own rap–type a line, click to get rhyming words, and choose a beat:)

Monday, March 30

Hello Penn Manor families,

Penn Manor educators have developed continuity of education plans to help students continue learning from home while our schools are closed. 

Here is a link to the resources.

These are optional, ungraded learning activities that students can complete from home. The resources have been developed to meet a variety of students’ needs and may not be the same across our school district. 

Teachers will also be accessible to students and parents and will respond to any questions about the learning activities in a timely manner.

Currently, schools are scheduled to reopen on April 9th, but that date may change depending on Governor Wolf’s orders.

Thank you for your support of your child’s education in this challenging time.

– Penn Manor School District

  • Students–remember to share math, social studies, and writing with me, and reading and science with Mrs. Graham. We look forward to hearing from you–have fun!
  • My email is janet.ochs@pennmanor.net
  • Mrs. Graham’s email is lori.graham@pennmanor.net

Wednesday, March 25

Hi everyone! We are currently creating optional educational opportunities for students to work on at home starting this Monday. We need to know who has internet access with a device your child is able to use to access these opportunities. On Google Classroom under Social Studies (both 4-0 and 4-G) there is an assignment titled Response Needed ASAP. Please respond to this assignment with a yes or no, and if no, what the best way to contact you to share resources: mail, phone call, or text. Also, now is a great time to subscribe to the Conestoga Blog to keep current on events, as well as set up an account on Sapphire. Report cards will be posted to view via Sapphire. Thank you for your continued support as we work through this together! 

Tuesday, March 17

To keep up-to-date, please reference Conestoga Elementary School under School Links to the right of this post:) We miss our students–Mrs. Ochs and Mrs. Graham:)

Penn Manor schools are closed through March 27 in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. It is unclear whether that status will change or when we may be able to resume normal operations. As we all deal with this unprecedented challenge, we want to share some important information with parents:

  • The education of children is on hold as we consider options moving forward under the direction of the Pennsylvania Department of Education.
  • We have decided not to pursue online learning for our students at this time. We would not be able to fulfill our legal and ethical obligation to serve every student appropriately via this means, and many of our students lack access to the internet at home. 
  • March 13 is now officially the end of the third marking period. Students’ grades will reflect assignments and assessments completed through that date. 
  • We are working to establish a system to provide breakfasts and lunches to families with children who qualify for free- or reduced-price meals, beginning Wednesday, March 18. More details will be released as they become available.
  • All buildings are undergoing a deep cleaning, including all carpeting, fabric surfaces and touch points.
  • Essential school district personnel, with minimal exceptions, will begin working from home Wednesday.
  • Buildings will be open to teachers and the public by appointment only beginning Wednesday, March 18. Visitors should call the school office to arrange a visit.

Square1Art Update

Due to unforeseen circumstances and the inability to distribute our Square1Art products, we have decided to push our order deadline to the end of April. Orders can be made online or by phone directly to Square1Art. Products will be distributed in May.

If you haven’t received your child’s personalized catalog, please contact Danielle at: danielle.bardo@pennmanor.net with your child’s full name and teacher. She will provide you with your child’s access code.

Click on the link below to order online after you have received your access code.



We really miss seeing all of you! If you have a chance today, we have a new site, Epic!-Books for Kids, for you to check out. These are the directions for getting on:

Open up your web browser and

  1. Go to www.getepic.com/students

2. Log in with your class code qyi1422

3. Select you name and you’re in!

There is one assignment for you to read an Adaptations book, but you may check out all of the available books, audiobooks, and videos. It’s a whole new library at home! If you have problems getting on, email Mrs. Graham at lori.graham@pennmanor.net and we’ll try to work it out. You are supposed to be able to use the free educator version of Epic from 6am to 4pm Monday through Friday. Keep reading! 🙂

Friday, March 13


  • No homework
  • FYI: math mentoring is available to all 4th graders during our lunch/recess period in my room. So, if your child is struggling with any concepts, encourage him/her to join us.


  • Read for pleasure


  • DLR 17-Monday


  • The completed 2-sided worksheet is due Friday and the test will be administered Friday (or last day of the school week).  *Students have received the week 21-word list and worksheet. Test TOMORROWMarch 13.
  • Students can practice their words through the use of Spelling City (found under Fun Links on the right side of the blog post).
  • If a student earns a D or F, parents must sign the test and students return it to me the following day.

Social Studies:

  • Our focus is the state legislative branch.


  • Now we are learning about watersheds, wetlands, and weather.


  • Please sign and return the WWE and blue report, that are both distributed on Mondays, by Friday of the same week.
  • We are low on tissues–donations are appreciated;)
  • Track and Field Day (Thursday, May 7) sign up: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e084caca92aa02-conestoga
  • The next instrument lesson day with Ms. Almoney is Monday, March 16 (Remember your instrument and book)
  • FYI: If students take their Chromebooks home, they MUST come to school fully charged each day.
  • Next BOOK EXCHANGE–Wednesday, March 18
  • Friday, March 13–Early dismissal (1:30 pm)
  • Friday, March 20–End of MP 3