Rehearsal Time Adjustments

Hey Band – First of all, your performance last evening was spectacular! The crowd reaction spoke for itself and I couldn’t be more proud of everyone. However, we can all agree that last evening was incredibly late – something I would have never predicted. The Millersville parade takes about half the amount of time to complete and the lack of prior PMMU participation at New Holland gave us no warning to the extreme slow pace or reference for time. Because of the late evening, we will end rehearsal tonight at 8:00pm instead of 9:00pm.

PMMU was also given last-minute notification yesterday that we need to perform pre-game and Cedar Crest will perform post-game (homecoming). Because of this change made by Cedar Crest, we will probably arrive back to PM around 11:00pm tomorrow. To accommodate another late night, report time for Saturday’s rehearsal will be 10:00am instead of 9:00am.