Meet results

Hello Penn Manor Jr. High Cross Country families,

Today’s race was a bit short, but still a good workout for the team! We appreciate all the cheers along the sideline during the race. It was a very close competition and a reminder we still have work to do. Saturday will undoubtedly be a memorable day!

Final scores:


Penn Manor 31-CV 27

Penn Manor 34-E-Town 23


Penn Manor 17-CV47

Penn Manor 28-E-Town 27

Rounding out the top 7 are: Tristan Weaver, Caleb Howell, Gage Myers, Jack Steele, Liam Risser, Vincent Keefer, and Ethan Braegelmann, Rae Sandt, Raegan Braegelman, Alyssa Eby, Madison Martin, Greta Heitland, and Gemma Rodak.

Thank you and GO COMETS!!!

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