Notes from our XC Booster Club:

The coaches will review many of these points at our Parent Meeting during the first week of the official season (date and time TBD).

Cross Country Family,

As we head into the summer a few notes from your booster club (Jamie Gerlach and Mara Braegelmann).

We will have two apparel sales (the same things will be sold) one will open the first week of optional practices and close 10 days after that. This way the apparel will arrive at the start of the season. The second week will open on the first official day of practice and close in 7 days. The gear would then arrive hopefully mid-September. We will have dates as it gets closer. We do not over-mark apparel.  This is NOT used as a fundraiser, the goal is simply to get gear into as many hands as possible. 

Fundraisers- last year’s cash call was a huge success and no additional fundraising was needed. We plan to do the same this year. Last year we ranged in donations from $5 to $250. No amount is too small or too large! The goal this year is approximately $1000. For reference, we need to raise about $35 per child above and beyond what the school allocates. Please feel free to ask your employer for a donation as well!  If additional fundraising is needed we are asking for a Varsity parent to lead that effort. Please contact Mara Braegelmann if this could be you. 920-574-1547…again, only if we fall short on our cash call. Jamie Gerlach will provide more information as to how to donate to the cash call as the season approaches.  Cash call will open two weeks prior to the start of the official season and close in early September. This will give us enough time to determine if something else is needed.

If you would like to volunteer, listed below are the things we need help with:

We are looking for someone to set up a shared account where parents can upload photos of meets. We always ask that if you have a male runner to please try and snap photos of the females or vice versa. If you have a Varsity runner we ask that you consider taking pictures of the JV kids or again vice versa. We will then put together a slide show with these photos at the end of the year.

We are looking for someone to coordinate meals for the bus rides home (from far meets). Buy the food and have in cooler ready for the bus for them to eat on the way home. NOT your own money- but you would need to keep receipts to be reimbursed (JV or Varsity Parent).

We are looking for a small committee to help coordinate food for the end of the year party.

PMC3 grant rep- we currently have a rep but if this strikes your fancy let us know.

The Cross Country Community, it just that, a true community. We appreciate all of your support and look forward to a fabulous year!

Please let me know who is available to help with what. If each of us takes a small thing, two of us don’t have to do it all!

Reach out to Mara – 920-574-1547.

Jamie and Mara

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