Team Guidelines

Hello and Welcome to the 2022 Junior High Cross Country Season!

As we embark on a new season together, I would like to take a few moments to explain my philosophy, team goals, expectations, and other guidelines to ensure a positive experience for each of our student athletes.

Philosophy: The success of our program is defined by the commitment and enthusiasm of both the coaches and student athletes in the sport of Cross Country. Everyone is welcome to participate provided they show a willingness to learn, strive for athletic improvement, and are able to run two, consistent miles by the beginning of the season (our first meet takes place on Wednesday, September 8th).

Goals: There are a number of goals that we will work towards throughout the season in an effort to build a competitive, yet supportive team spirit among our student athletes. These include the following:

*Help student athletes build life skills, such as self-confidence and discipline, as a result of opportunities provided through participation in the Junior High Cross Country program.

*Help student athletes develop abilities on an individual level and understand the many aspects of running such as: competition, pacing, interval workouts, strength and conditioning exercises, and teamwork.

*Help student athletes learn the importance of leadership and good sportsmanship, which will further demonstrate their pride and commitment in representing Penn Manor Athletics.

Important dates: The first official practice will be held on Monday, August 15th from 3:00-4:45 pm.

Physical Evaluations: In order to participate with the team on the first official day of practice, all student athletes must have their PIAA Physical Evaluations completed. These forms must be turned in by Monday, August 15th!

Code of Conduct: This contains the rules of conduct, which includes both academic and co-curricular expectations of each student athlete. This form must be signed and returned by Monday, August 15th!

Drug Consent: This is mandatory for all high school students and voluntary for 7th and 8th graders. This form must be signed and returned by Monday, August 15th!

Medications:  Any student athlete with an inhaler, or other type of medication (prescription or over the counter), must notify their school nurse. If it is needed before, during, or after practice, the school nurse will then coordinate how and when it is dispensed with our school trainer.

Location and time: Practices are held Monday through Friday at Manor Middle School. Practice times may vary, although we will aim to finish by 5:00 pm. Activity buses will bring team members who attend either the High School or Marticville Middle School directly to Manor Middle School. High School students will be picked up at the end of the school day (location TBD) while Marticville students will be picked up in front of their school at 2:30.

Preparedness: It is very important to come prepared for the weather! All practices will be held outside unless conditions are unsafe. Water bottles are also recommended, although we will provide a water cooler during practice. Students may bring a note to school, asking for permission to bring a water bottle to class, so that they have access to water throughout the day.

Lockers/Electronic Devices: All personal items will be stored in the locker rooms at Manor Middle School during practice times. We strongly suggest that you buy a lock for your locker. Please see Coach Kramer if you need to borrow a lock for the season. Phones and other electronic devices are not permitted during practice.  

Attendance: This is mandatory and we ask that you avoid conflicts with Cross Country activities, when possible. Please notify the coaches ahead of time if your child cannot attend practice so that we can account for their absence. NOTE: WE WILL DISCUSS ATTENDANCE POLICIES AT THE PARENT MEETING, AS THERE ARE MANY CHANGES DUE TO COVID-19 THIS YEAR.

Attitude: It is a privilege to represent the Penn Manor Athletics program. We expect every student athlete to fulfill his or her role on the team in a respectful manner. Lapses in behavior either in school or practice will not be tolerated.

Meets: Team members are expected to stay until the end of all Jr. High races on meet days. They are also encouraged to watch the Varsity races when possible (please keep in mind that the team bus will typically stay until the end of the entire meet). If a parent wishes to drive their child home from an away meet, they will need to sign their child out with one of the coaches.

Jr. High Cross Country Blog/The Remind App: This will be the easiest and quickest way to stay in contact during the season with news and other announcements, especially cancellations due to inclement weather. You will need to subscribe to the blog in order to get receive notifications of new posts. *I will primarily use The Remind App for last minute cancellations.

Please contact me if you have any questions regarding this information at


Andrea Kramer

Head Junior High Cross Country Coach