Kindergarten Activities Reminder

Just a reminder that all kindergarten activities are now posted. Here is the link to the activities. Click on the kindergarten tab. Please take a look at the AST optional activities, as well. Kindergarten does not have specials, but feel free to also click on the Music, Art, Library, and Phys Ed tabs.

These are optional, ungraded learning activities that students can complete from home. The resources have been developed to meet a variety of students’ needs and may not be the same across our school district.  Please email me if you have any questions.

Here is a picture of our AM friend, Kai and his sister, making their own cupcakes from Lancaster Cupcake. I love to see what you all are doing, so feel free to share pictures that I can post on here! 🙂

Hambright is calling you…Please pick up!

Over the next few days, Hambright teachers will be reaching out to our families via telephone! We miss all of you and are making important phone contacts in an effort to move forward with some learning resources being made available for your child. If you receive a blocked call (unknown caller or caller id blocked), you may want to answer the phone this time! We are hoping to reach as many families as possible!

Thank you for your help! We miss you all and hope you are doing well!

Last Friday

I am a little late to post about our day on Friday, but here it is. We enjoyed our green eggs and ham day this past Friday! Students got to crack their own egg, stir the eggs, and got to enjoy them. They all did a great job with cracking their egg…I was impressed! Friday was a day full of smiles. Here are some pictures of our very fun day.

Green Eggs & Ham on Friday

Both classes are getting very close to filling their marble jars. I believe they will have them filled by tomorrow, so I would like to celebrate by reading “Green Eggs & Ham” and make green eggs & ham to finish our fun Dr. Seuss Week. With that being said, please let me know if your child has any allergy to green food coloring, eggs, or ham.

Thank you for your continued support. And before I forget, please keep this a secret as I would like to surprise them with this. 🙂