Apple Day This Friday

This Friday we will use our class time to celebrate Johnny Appleseed’s birthday! We call this super fun day Apple Day!

Apple Day will be celebrated differently than in the past years. We will not be able to taste apples or have parent volunteers, but we will still make it an exciting day! I will be taking pictures throughout the day to share them on our blog, as well.

If you would like your child to do something for Apple Day beforehand, you can have your child taste test different kinds of apples (green, yellow, or red) at home! Feel free to email me pictures of them tasting them and I can share them on our blog, as well.

Happy Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday! If you are sending your child in with a water bottle, please make sure that it is filled with water only.

Students will be taking home their first piece of homework today. It is practice for their letter writing. On the paper, it says it is due on Friday. Please do your best to have it done at home by Friday. It is GREAT practice for your child. Please do not worry about sending it back to school. We are working to limit papers coming to and from home this year.

Afternoon class will have their picture day on Thursday. The morning class had theirs yesterday.

If you would still like to send in family pictures, please feel free to.

Volunteers From Home

If you would love to help out in the classroom, without coming into our building, please email me.

I would be more than willing to send some lamination, book orders, etc. home with your child. I would send them home with your child and when you are finished, you can send it back with them. Once again, if you are interested please email me. Thank you!

Family & Neighborhood Unit

Next week we will be starting our family unit. If you have a family picture, please send one in by Friday. I would love for each student to share a picture of their family with their class throughout the week. If you do not have a family photo, your child may draw a picture of their family and bring it in.

We Started Learning Letters Today!

Today we will start to learn our letters! In kindergarten, we learn our lowercase letters before our uppercase letters, since those are the types of letters we see the most when we read. Each week we will learn about two letters. With each letter, we will learn the sound it makes, a word that starts with the letter, and how to correctly write it. This week will learn about the letter “t’. Take a look below at the image to see the order we learn our letters in kindergarten.