Early Dismissal/Inclement Weather Information

Early Dismissals:

On early dismissal days, only one group of kindergarteners (either AM or PM) will come to school from 9:00AM until 1:30PM. The other group that does not come to school that day has the day off.  Reminders will be sent out throughout the year as to which group will attend school that day. You can also find this information in the monthly calendars I will post on my blog. All students are able to ride the bus to school in the morning and take the bus home on these early dismissal days. Students will also be eating lunch at school. Lunch sign ups will be sent home a week before the early dismissal day and will need to be returned to school before that day.

Please let me know if you need any clarification.

Inclement Weather:

If we have a two hour delay/modified kindergarten…

  • Morning kindergarten students would be picked up by the bus two hours later than usual and school would start at 11:00 AM. Students would be dismissed at approximately 12:45 PM for pickup.
  • Afternoon kindergarten students start 50 minutes later than usual.  School would start at 1:45 PM. Their dismissal time would remain the same.