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A Community Opportunity: Family Wellness Program

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Family Wellness Pamphlet


All families enrolled in the Family Wellness Program:

• Connect with a personal Family Wellness Counselor to support the family.

• Complete a family survey and assessment that identifies areas of success and areas in which the family may wish to improve. Topics explored as a part of the survey include communication, discipline, nutrition and physical activity.

• Have the option of participating in group and individual-level wellness programs specifically designed for local families.

• Gain access to behavioral health professionals dedicated to the health and well-being of your family.

The service is offered in the Lancaster Community as a part of the commitment of CHI St. Joseph Children’s Health to supporting local families. There is no cost for families to enroll and complete the family survey and assessment.

PowerPacks Project–Conestoga and Martic

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The Penn Manor School District is offering families an opportunity to participate in the PowerPacks food program.  The PowerPacks Project is designed to help families stretch their grocery money, prepare low-cost meals for their families over the weekend, and have their children fed well and ready to learn and thrive for the rest of the week.

Participation in PowerPacks is based on income and family size, as well as the family’s ability to pick up food at designated locations each Thursday, beginning September 28th.

Enrollment is on an ongoing basis throughout the year as availability allows.

If you are interested in receiving an application for the PowerPacks Project, please contact me via email at or via phone at 717-872-9535, ext. 3503 (Conestoga) or 717-284-4128, ext. 3405 (Martic).


Solanco SWEEP Program–Martic Families

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Martic Elementary School has partnered with the Solanco Food Bank to provide weekend meals for students who may need the support. We understand that times can be difficult in this economy and the cost of food can be overwhelming, so the Food Bank is offering a weekend food bag, per elementary student in need, each weekend throughout the school year.

The food will be delivered to school each Friday (or the last day of the week if we have vacation days), and it will be given to students in large, brown paper bags before going home. The Food Bank will try to offer a variety of pre-packaged foods each week.

To be eligible for this food assistance program, your child must qualify as FREE  for the school’s district’s breakfast/lunch program.  For more information on this program, please contact me via email at or via phone at 717-284-4128, ext. 3405.




Welcome Back!

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Welcome back to the start of another new school year!

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Mrs. Juba

Important Information

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Days B and D

717-872-9535, ext. 3503



Days A and C

717-284-4128, ext. 3405