What happened in Mrs. Wright`s class during November?  Read to find out!

by Mrs. Wright’s Class

Reading                                                                                                           In November, reading swept us away to a magical, funny and cute story, none other than Wishtree.  Reading also took us to a village where NO ONE would share. That was until 3 monks Hok, Lok, and Seiw, paid that little town a visit, and then, of course, everyone shared!  By Natalie


by Hailey

Multiplication Math

In math we are learning multiplication and division with zeros, ones, twos, threes, fours, fives, sixes, and sevens!  We learned the threes and fours song , the six and seven trick, and how to count by twos and fives. Have you ever done multiplication?  Math is sure fun!  By Daisy

Math and Social Studies

In math, we learned the 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s, 7s and 0s times tables.  We even had a chapter test! In social studies, we learned about the history of Lancaster County.  By Nataile

Winter snow already!

On Thursday, November the fifteenth, it SNOWED!   We had lunch at 10:50 and an early dismissal at 12:15. Also, the following day, we had a two-hour delay!        It was a crazy week, plus a ton of fun.  By Daisy

On Nov. fifteenth, they called for SNOW!!!    Everyone was so excited!  In fact, some kids were even SCREAMING!!!  Later that day, there was an early dismissal.  Everyone was chatting about the snow & how it looked like a BLIZZARD outside.   By Sarah 


Guess what!?! Before Thanksgiving, yes, before Thanksgiving, it SNOWED!!!!!!!!!! All of the after school people either were car riders, or bus riders. Walkers had a winter wonderland on one side, and on the other side, a blizzard!!! Meanwhile, some of the bus riders were an hour and a half late!!! Yes, transportation was rough!! But, not to worry!!! Everyone got home safely!!!   (But the next day we had a 2-hour delay!)  By Natalie

A bus in a snowy surprise on Thursday, November 15, 2018


Here is a picture of stone soup.

In class, we learned how to make stone soup and we ate it, too. If I had to write a comment, I would say it’s pretty good. Guess what, we even did a readers theater on Stone Soup.  We also had a harvest party.  We made turkey bowls and butter, and we watched Happy Thanksgiving, Charlie Brown.  By Ellie

Kindergarten fun

On November nineteenth, we made friendship mix with our kindergarten buddies.   We helped our buddies count the ingredients with ten frames and put them in the bowl.  It sure did taste good! We also did a play about the story, Stone Soup, for the kindergarteners.  We had a fun time with Kindergarten.

Stone Soup

Have you read stone soup?  It’s about three men who make a soup out of stones.  Nobody in the village likes the men, but slowly they all open up there hearts a little and give some food to put in the pot with three stones in it.  The villagers never eat the stones in the end because everyone added a bit of good food to make the soup taste good, even if they were to take out the stones.  We did a play of Stone Soup for the Kindergarteners. We also made stone soup in our classroom. It sure was good! We also made butter to put on crackers and a turkey bowl, and then we watched a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.  It was SO fun!  By Daisy

Super Spelling and Wonderful Writing:

We do lots of super spelling and wonderful writing!  We have a spelling test Friday and we do writing almost everyday! Our words can be tricky, but that’s what spelling words are for, so you can learn how to spell them!  By Daisy


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Please wear RED on Monday 10/29

Dear Families,

In support of the Warwick community who suffered a tragic loss on Friday and another this morning, we are encouraging all faculty, staff, and students to wear red on Monday.

Pumpkins on Monday

Please remember that we will be painting pumpkins on Tuesday with our Kindergarten buddies.  Students are asked to bring their pumpkin to school Monday marked with their name on the bottom.  

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PTO SUB SALE and Music

Dear Parents,

PTO appreciates your help with the sub sale, and all orders are due tomorrow!  Subs are $6 each, Pretzel sandwiches are $5 each.  Pick up will be on Saturday, Oct. 20th at LeTort.  Please consider placing an order if you are able.  Thank you!

Music and Recorders

Mr. Dutton asks that recorders be kept in students’ backpacks for Music every Day B.  Students are encouraged to practice their recorder in between classes, but please put the recorder right back in the backpack.  Sadly, a LARGE number of students were not able to participate in Music class this past week due to not having their recorder.  Mr. Dutton asks students who do not have their recorder to bring a pencil to complete written work during class.    Tuesday, 10/9 will be a Day B.  Please check right now that the recorder is in the backpack and ready for school tomorrow!

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Important Info

National Custodian Day  We will be recognizing the hard work our two LeTort custodians with cards tomorrow!  Mr. Smith and Mrs. Bauman will be so surprised if you would like to give them a card thanking them for keeping our school clean, beautiful, and germ-free!

Picture Day is this Wednesday!  Does your child need a haircut or outfit?  Now is the time to plan so the picture will be awesome!  Remember to send in the picture order and money on Wednesday, or order now online at     Picture Day ID:  LT318571Q0       (zero, not letter O)

Parent/Teacher Conferences are in November  There is a form in your child’s STAR folder today asking you about the best time for your conference.  I ask that you complete the form and return it to me as soon as possible so that I can use it to schedule your conference according to your availability.  Also, I will schedule your conference in conjunction with your other children’s teachers and on the same day.

Library Books needed on Wednesday  In the rush to prepare for Picture Day, please don’t forget that we also have Library on Wednesday and students will have book-exchange.  Sneakers will be needed on Friday.

Spelling Pretest 5 homework will be due on Wednesday, the test will be on Friday.  Math Subtraction test on Thursday.   Social Studies Students need to know where to locate the continents and oceans on a map of the Earth and need to know how to write their address correctly.   Reading  New October Reading Calendars were given out today.  Students can earn Pizza Hut Book-It certificates for reaching the reading goal, and be invited to Lunch Bunch with Mrs. Wright to eat in the classroom and enjoy a special treat while we talk about awesome books!

Our Scholastic Book Order has arrived and students who placed an order will bring home their new books tomorrow!  Thank you to everyone for supporting your child’s love of reading.  We will be adding many cool, new titles to our classroom library through your contributions.  The October order form will come home after Columbus Day.

No School on Monday Oct. 8 in honor of Columbus Day.

PTO Sub Sale Orders are due next Tuesday, 10/9 to support a school-wide field trip in April.  Pick-up will be on Saturday 10/20 at LeTort during the Fall Fest.

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Monday Google Expedition

Our class took a virtual field trip to two continents, Africa and Antarctica today.  We used Virtual Reality glasses with cell phones inside to take an up-close peek at places on these continents. On our expedition, our class looked at landforms.  We discussed the weather and the climate in each place, and we discussed how geography influences the animals and people which live in the places we visited.  

Students then recorded notes about what they learned on their virtual field trip.  Ask your child about Victoria Falls, the giraffes on the Serengeti plains, the gorillas in the rainforest, the Sahara Desert, and the Great Pyramids of Egypt, and which continent these are on.  Then ask about the ice and animals they saw when they went to Antarctica!

A special “thank you” to Judy Keller, our Technology support specialist, who made this event possible for our class today!

We look like we are in the library, but really we are in Africa!
We look like we are in the library, but really we are in Africa!
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September Menus

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Wednesday 8/29

Meet the Teacher Information:

When: Wednesday, August 29
Where: LeTort Elementary School
Time: 4:00-6:00
All families are invited to drop anytime between 4-6 pm.

Summer Reading Splash Party Information:
When: Wednesday, August 29
Where: Millersville Pool 
Pool Address: 314 North Prince Street, Millersville
Time: 5:30-7:30
All students that returned their Summer Reading Calendars will be receiving a ticket.  New students and Kindergarten students will also be receiving a ticket as our guest. Each ticket includes the student and his/her family.  Celebrate reading and enjoy the last bit of summer with your friends and LeTort Teachers!

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Off to a Great Start!

Thank You!

Our new year is off to a great start!  We have been learning about being  bucket fillers and showing kindness.  This class is VERY caring and awesome!

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Sneak Peek!

You are invited to meet Mrs. Wright and see your third-grade classroom on Wednesday, August 22 from 2-3pm!

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This Week’s Reminders 5/30

Hi!  We’ve got end-of-year fun for you!

Thursday, May 31 – Mrs. Wright’s Reader’s Theater Plays 9:15 am and 2:15 pm.  Please RSVP so that we gather enough chairs to seat everybody for each show!

Thursday Evening – PTO School-wide Family Picnic

Friday, June 1 – End-of-Year Third Grade Party at 2:00.  Sneakers, beach towels, sunblock, and sunglasses are all recommended for being comfortable outside.  If the weather is not good, we will have our events indoors and a beach towel is still needed along with sneakers for Phys. Ed.


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