August Menus

The menus are available below to view and download.

August Breakfast Menu
August Lunch Menu
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Vocabulary Day Parade

How’s the costume coming along?

All students need a costume at school on Monday, May 20th! The day will be filled with fun activities and the costume parade will be at 2:00. Please have your child let me know if any items are needed for this fun school-wide event!

Please remember, parents and younger siblings are invited to come to the parade. We will travel across the front of the building from the baseball field end to the playground end. We would love to see you there!

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Letort Book Swap

LeTort will be holding our Book Swap again this year.   Get ready to clean off your book shelves and check under your bed to find those books that you’ve already read!

Your child may swap as many as 20 books.  We welcome donations if you have more than 20 books.  (We can especially use intermediate books.) We will make sure that they get in students’ hands.   Please bring in books May 20 – 24.  The swap will be held the following week.

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Field Trip Change

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the all-school field trip scheduled for April 3, 2019 has been moved from The Ware Center in downtown Lancaster TO The Winter Center at Millersville University.

If you have returned a permission slip that does NOT permit your child to attend, I hope that you would reconsider your child’s participating in this opportunity. If another permission slip is needed, please contact the school office at 717-872-9530.

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It will be Day A with Applied Engineering when we return! I am sorry for the confusion, Mrs. Wright

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Snowy Day Update 2/20/19

Staying safe and enjoying the snow are the plans for the day!

Do you remember the “Who Am I” poster project is due on Monday, Feb 25th?

Students need to finish the project steps to make the poster neat and complete and not be overwhelmed!
Please do not hesitate to let Mrs. Wright know if you have any questions or need any help!

Phys. Ed and Jump Rope for Heart

Our Special when we return will be Phys. Ed. with Mr. McCabe. Please wear sneakers. Mr. McCabe is excited about all the money LeTort students have been raising for Jump Rope for Heart. As a school, we are half-way to the goal, so keep going class!

This Friday, Feb. 22 is Kids At Work Day and the day of our Spelling Test

Students are encouraged to dress up as a person in a career of their choosing! Spelling Lesson 20 is a review, and students will complete the post-test on Friday.

Weather Make-Up Days

We will have school on March 29th, April 15, and May 24th in order to make up snow days.

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100th Day of School Celebration is moved to Monday!

On Monday, February 4th, our third grade class will celebrate the 100th day of school. 

For fun, students are welcome to come to school dressed like they are 100 years old!  

Some ideas are

bring a cane                     make hair gray with powder

wear glasses                    put hair up in a bun

wear a shawl                    wear a mustache and/or beard

wear an old sweater         make face wrinkles

wear slippers inside         wear suspenders

wear pearl necklaces        make a big belly

*Friday: Report Cards for Second Marking Period will be sent home

*Friday: Wear any Team Jersey and donate cans of Soup for the Super Bowl

*Friday: Day C, Wear sneakers for Phys. Ed., Spelling L18 test

*Monday will be Day D and bring Library books for Book Exchange

*Monday: “Who Am I” Contracts are due. Please read the directions, complete the contract and sign, then return it to me.

*Friday, Feb 8th: Book Orders, if interested, are due.

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Enrichment and Intervention Time

Hello Parents!

I wanted to let you know that for the remainder of the year Third Grade will be incorporating reading fluency, decoding, and math practice into Enrichment and Intervention time.  Academic Support staff will be supporting students to help them reach reading and math benchmarks.  These groups will be flexible and may change throughout the remainder of year as students progress.

Mrs. Wright

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What happened in Mrs. Wright`s class during November?  Read to find out!

by Mrs. Wright’s Class

Reading                                                                                                           In November, reading swept us away to a magical, funny and cute story, none other than Wishtree.  Reading also took us to a village where NO ONE would share. That was until 3 monks Hok, Lok, and Seiw, paid that little town a visit, and then, of course, everyone shared!  By Natalie


by Hailey

Multiplication Math

In math we are learning multiplication and division with zeros, ones, twos, threes, fours, fives, sixes, and sevens!  We learned the threes and fours song , the six and seven trick, and how to count by twos and fives. Have you ever done multiplication?  Math is sure fun!  By Daisy

Math and Social Studies

In math, we learned the 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s, 7s and 0s times tables.  We even had a chapter test! In social studies, we learned about the history of Lancaster County.  By Nataile

Winter snow already!

On Thursday, November the fifteenth, it SNOWED!   We had lunch at 10:50 and an early dismissal at 12:15. Also, the following day, we had a two-hour delay!        It was a crazy week, plus a ton of fun.  By Daisy

On Nov. fifteenth, they called for SNOW!!!    Everyone was so excited!  In fact, some kids were even SCREAMING!!!  Later that day, there was an early dismissal.  Everyone was chatting about the snow & how it looked like a BLIZZARD outside.   By Sarah 


Guess what!?! Before Thanksgiving, yes, before Thanksgiving, it SNOWED!!!!!!!!!! All of the after school people either were car riders, or bus riders. Walkers had a winter wonderland on one side, and on the other side, a blizzard!!! Meanwhile, some of the bus riders were an hour and a half late!!! Yes, transportation was rough!! But, not to worry!!! Everyone got home safely!!!   (But the next day we had a 2-hour delay!)  By Natalie

A bus in a snowy surprise on Thursday, November 15, 2018


Here is a picture of stone soup.

In class, we learned how to make stone soup and we ate it, too. If I had to write a comment, I would say it’s pretty good. Guess what, we even did a readers theater on Stone Soup.  We also had a harvest party.  We made turkey bowls and butter, and we watched Happy Thanksgiving, Charlie Brown.  By Ellie

Kindergarten fun

On November nineteenth, we made friendship mix with our kindergarten buddies.   We helped our buddies count the ingredients with ten frames and put them in the bowl.  It sure did taste good! We also did a play about the story, Stone Soup, for the kindergarteners.  We had a fun time with Kindergarten.

Stone Soup

Have you read stone soup?  It’s about three men who make a soup out of stones.  Nobody in the village likes the men, but slowly they all open up there hearts a little and give some food to put in the pot with three stones in it.  The villagers never eat the stones in the end because everyone added a bit of good food to make the soup taste good, even if they were to take out the stones.  We did a play of Stone Soup for the Kindergarteners. We also made stone soup in our classroom. It sure was good! We also made butter to put on crackers and a turkey bowl, and then we watched a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.  It was SO fun!  By Daisy

Super Spelling and Wonderful Writing:

We do lots of super spelling and wonderful writing!  We have a spelling test Friday and we do writing almost everyday! Our words can be tricky, but that’s what spelling words are for, so you can learn how to spell them!  By Daisy


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Please wear RED on Monday 10/29

Dear Families,

In support of the Warwick community who suffered a tragic loss on Friday and another this morning, we are encouraging all faculty, staff, and students to wear red on Monday.

Pumpkins on Monday

Please remember that we will be painting pumpkins on Tuesday with our Kindergarten buddies.  Students are asked to bring their pumpkin to school Monday marked with their name on the bottom.  

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