Does your child ever mix up the letters b and d?


If your child mixes up the letters b and d, he/she is not alone.  This is very common for primary students.  When it happens in group time, I’ll ask them to “check your bed.”  They know that means to put their hands in a fist in front of them and put their thumbs up.  The left fist looks like a “b” and the right fist looks like a “d” just like the order in the word “bed.”  We then compare to the bed picture and pick the “b” or “d” hand to compare to the letter in question.  So next time, your child gets confused, ask them to “check your bed.”
Kindergarten parents, I have not tackled this with my kindergarten groups yet.  We’ll get there!  First grade parents, we are just beginning this.  Any extra reinforcement would be appreciated!
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