Ideas to keep your kids busy! :)

I pushed out the following letter to students via Google Classroom. Nothing is required, but I wanted to provide some educational ideas for students who are wanting something specific to work on. Anything that is completed can be shared/emailed to me. I would love to see it! See below…

Hi 6th grade!  I hope you are all doing well! I am sure that you may working your way through many emails, announcements, and updates. Please know that I am thinking about each of you!

While we are not required to send out specific assignments, below is a list of resources you can use to keep busy over the coming weeks.

Upon our return to school, I will communicate the next steps to students. This communication will include the re-release of due dates. I cannot begin to guess what these steps will be as we are in a “wait and see” position. I can guarantee that communication will be clear, and we will work to support every student.

I am here for parents and teachers and I have access to email and am happy to touch base with your family! We know that school provides a consistent routine as well as a support system. Please do not hesitate to reach out if your child would like to touch base with me via email.  I know that you may be looking for ideas and suggestions to keep your wonderful students actively learning and busy! Please see below for some thoughts and ideas. Remember, NONE of this is required.

Reading -READ, READ, READ  
Scholastic Learning at Home Wow! This a great resource that just released today for free!    –Tally the number of vocab you see while reading

  Scholastic Author Study
Research your favorite author – why did they become a writer?  What’s their story? Share what you learned with us!
Writing Write a story!
Try to incorporate vocabulary we have learned, figurative language, etc.  Share it with us! 🙂   
Learn Calligraphy  
Make an inspirational sign! 
Vocabulary Words – Spelling Practice – Phonics Games for Kids
Fun games for spelling practice 
Math First in Math  
Prodigy Fun math practice!    
Khan Academy Review previous skills and explore new ideas!   
Math Antics Another way to review and explore!  
Online Jigsaw Puzzles
Put a Jigsaw puzzle together with your family.  
Logic Puzzles Practice your thinking skills with fun logic puzzles! 
Content Go on a virtual field trip
Make a travel brochure for all the places you “went!”
Dogo News
Keep up to date on kid appropriate current events!   
Keyboarding Skills Keep your keyboarding skills sharp and practice your typing fluency!
Art -Make a card for your neighbors
Deliver it with an adult!  
-Try some of the art techniques you’ve learned Mrs. Wigerman   -Draw a family portrait 
Gym -Jump Rope   -Play Outside   
-Ride: bikes, skateboards, and scooters!
Library -Read   -Research a new topic that interests you

Music -Write a rap about school
-Write a song   You must share these if you do them 🙂