Transition to Middle School

Dear families,

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we move through the remote learning activities.  As a parent of two elementary students, I know this is all sometimes a lot to work through.  Your support is much appreciated!

Each Tuesday at 1pm, I will be holding a virtual class meeting.  We have had 2 already and I have been so impressed with the etiquette of my class!  It has been wonderful to check in and to see their faces.  Please know that you can reach out to me any time with questions or concerns and you are always welcome to join our class meetings as well.  I am here if you need me!  Your children have done a fantastic job of advocating for themselves when they need help.  It is a true sign of maturity to show us that despite the strange ending to 6th grade, they are indeed ready for middle school.

Speaking of middle school…..on Tuesday May 5th at 1pm, Mrs. Hinkle (Hambright school counselor) and Mrs. Rogers (Manor Middle counselor) are going to join our virtual class meeting.  They will be sharing information with students and also will be answering any questions that students may have about the transition to middle school.  Next week I will be sending out a survey to all students asking them what questions they have and the counselors will take time to answer all of them when we meet on May 5th.  I think this will be a very valuable meeting for our 6th graders, please encourage them to join!  

As I get further information regarding the transition to middle school, I will share it with you.  I hope you are all doing well.  Please take care of yourselves and know that I am here if you need anything.  Thanks so much and have a great day!!

Mrs. Bock  🙂