Here’s The Scoop!

Spelling Pattern Next Week:   -y -ey word endings

All children will be on the regular spelling list this week.  This is a more difficult spelling pattern and we will be doing a lot of reinforcement of these words together!  We will also incorporate some sight words too!

Reading Strategy:  Author’s Purpose:  Why did the author write this story?  To persuade you?  To inform you?  To entertain you?

Compare and Contrast- We are studying elements of story that are the same and different.  We are comparing texts, characters, settings, events, and much more!

Monday, December 3:  Day A-  We have Jump Rope for Heart DANCE PARTY.  Basic math fact ice cream sundaes.  WEAR SNEAKERS!

Tuesday, December 4:  Day B-  We have art.(

Wednesday, December 5:  Day C-  We have music.

Thursday, December 6:  Day D-  We have applied engineering.

Sixth Grade Buddy activity today

Friday, December 7:  Day A-  We have gym.  Please wear sneakers.

Our focus this month will be on kindness and giving over the holiday season!  We will focus on the importance of friendship and kindness toward one another.  We will do many activities in our classroom with a focus on giving and spreading cheer and joy to others in our school and community!  We will also explore some mulitcultural holiday celebrations across the world.

It’s Almost Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Week!

This Week in 2B: There will be NO planner page this week due to    Thanksgiving vacation.  There will be NO spelling list this week!

Monday, November 19: Day B: We have art today.
Tuesday, November 20: Day C: We have music.
Wednesday, November 21: Day D: We have applied engineering.    Early Dismissal. 1:30 pm

Thanksgiving Vacation:  Thursday, November 22-Monday, November 26

I will see all of my smiling second graders on Tuesday, November 27!  Happy Thanksgiving!

Here’s The Scoop in 2B!

Thank you for a wonderful conference week!  It was delightful to visit with parents to talk about the leaps and bounds of growth children are making in second grade! ALL children in 2-B are amazing!  Thank you for your support in all that we do each and every learning day!  Your support makes GREAT things possible for us in 2B!

Monday, November 12:  Day A:  We have gym!  Please wear sneakers.  BOOK EXCHANGE TODAY!

Optimism Assembly and Dental program today!

Tuesday, November 13th:  Day B:  We have art.  

Wednesday, November 14th:  Day C:  We have music.

Thursday, November 15th:  Day D:  We have applied engineering.

Friday, November 16th:  Day A:    We have gym today.  (Spelling Test)

Reading This Week:  This cycle we are reading a stories that support PLOT- and main idea.   The pieces of fiction we are reading will support  PLOT of the story- beginning, middle, and end events too. Read, read, read!  We are trying to get children into reading on their interest level- we explore so many genres!   Please remember that Storytown is also on line as well.  The link is on my blog.  We are really working on written response, so please use the questions in the back of the story to support comprehension!

Math:  In math we will begin chapter 4- subtraction strategies! There are many multi-step problems and processes during this chapter.  I will place the “My Math” code in your child’s planner.  It has video tutorials to help support homework.  

Content Area Learning:  We are focusing on the First Thanksgiving through literature and class activities.  Different Native American tribes are a focus of our study as well. Geography is a common thread in all of our learning.  We refer to many locations in our world so that students learn continents, oceans, and much more!  

Have an awesome week!   Mrs. Bushong

Here’s The Scoop in 2B!

This week we will be practicing more of our reading strategies with a fun story called Click Clack Moo this week!  READ, READ, READ!

We will have our chapter three math test this week. The kids have practiced these skills A LOT!  Some skills and concepts can be challenging. Your home support is super appreciated!  We will begin our next chapter on Wednesday with subtraction. Please continue to support your learner at home!

We will begin our study geography with “Me on the Map”!  Mrs. Bohannon will be teaching this social studies unit to my class.  Please work with your child to make sure that they know their home address and phone number.   🙂  I am looking forward to visiting with you this week at our conference!

Monday, Nov. 5:  Day D:  We have applied engineering.

Tuesday, Nov. 6:  Day A:  We have gym.  Please wear sneakers.

Wednesday, Nov. 7:  Day B:  We have art!  Our Class Visits the Book Fair!

1:20 Dismissal today!

Thursday, Nov. 8:  Day C:  We have music!  1:20 Dismissal Today!

Friday, Nov. 9:  Day D:  We have applied engineering!  1:20 Dismissal Today!

Quick Dates for This Week!

Monday, 10/29: We have applied engineering.
Tuesday, 10/30: We have gym. Please wearsneakers.
Wednesday, 10/31: We have art.
Thursday, 11/1: We have music. Harvest Stations:9:00-11:00 am
Friday: 11/2: No school for students. Have a wonderful weekend!

This Week in 2B! Red Ribbon Week!

  • October 22 ~ Peace Out to Drugs- Wear tie dye!
  • October 23 ~ Stomp On Drugs!  Wear boots! 
  • October 24 ~ Be a Drug Free Team!-Wear a team jersey or any team spirit wear.
  • October 25 ~ Be a Smartie- Don’t Do Drugs!  Kids will receive Smarties.
  • October 26~“Pink Out” Day!  Put a Cap on Drugs!  Wear a favorite hat! 

Monday, October 22:   Day C:  We have music!

Tuesday, October 23:  Day D  We have applied engineering.  

Wednesday, October 24:  Day A  We have gym.  Please wear sneakers!  The Magic is Real- Assembly

Thursday, October 25:  Day B  We have art!

Friday, October 26:  Day C  We have music!

Our Reading News:   We did a lot of work with non-fiction texts and making predictions. Last week we worked on our reading fluency (rate, accuracy, accuracy) and read Mia Hamm. We practiced the spelling patterns of /ie/ and /ight/!  The kids did a great job!  We are headed into “making predictions” this week with a book about a young boy learning how to ride a bike- Gus and Grandpa!  

Math Update:  We are moving into chapter 3.  We are heading into the adding of double digit numbers.  We are doing a TON of fact practice in our classroom so our facts become memorized.  Please use the great websites on my blog to support this initiative!  

Content:  We learned about characteristics of plants last week!  We discussed plants and the various needs and parts of plants!  We are getting ready to work on identifying landforms and learning map skills!

Notes from 2B!

Kicking Off a Great Week Ahead!

Monday, October 15:  Day B:  We have art!

Tuesday, October 16:  Day C  We have music.

Wednesday, October 17:  Day D  We have applied engineering!

Thursday, October 18:  Day A  We have gym!  Please wear sneakers!

Friday, October 19:  Day B  We have art!  EARLY DISMISSAL:  1:20

Updates!Our Reading News:   We will do a lot of work with non-fiction texts and making predictions. This week we will work on our reading fluency (rate, accuracy, accuracy) and read Mia Hamm-a story of determination. We will practice the spelling patterns of /ie/ and /ight/!

Math Update:  The kids are doing a great job finishing our work with number patterns!  Look for tests to come home this week!  We are moving into chapter 3.  We are heading into the adding of double digit numbers.  We are doing a TON of fact practice in our classroom so our facts become memorized.  Please use the great websites on my blog to support this initiative!  The kids need lots of practice!  

Content:  We learned about characteristics of plants last week!  We discussed plants and the various needs and parts of plants!  We are finishing a plant project this week!  

Here’s The Scoop in 2B

Have a Happy Week!

Monday, October 8:  No School Today.

Tuesday, October 9:  Day B  We have art!

Wednesday, October 10:  Day C  We have music.

Thursday, October 11:  Day D  We have applied engineering!

Friday, October 12:  We have gym.  Please wear sneakers.

Fire Prevention Day!


Our Reading News:   We did a lot of work with non-fiction texts last week determining the main idea and details.  This week we will work on our reading fluency (rate, accuracy, accuracy) and will read many different Reader’s Theaters.  Go newscasters!  We will review all spelling patterns this week!  Please continue to study spelling with your learner at home!

Math Update:  We are finishing number patterns in Chapter Two.  We are assessing this chapter on Friday.  We are heading into the adding of double digit numbers.  We are doing a TON of fact practice in our classroom so our facts become memorized.  Please use the great websites on my blog to support this initiative!  I will be adding some sites into your child’s planner this week!

Content:  We continued to learn all about characteristics of living and nonliving things last week!  We discussed plants and the various needs and parts of plants!  We did a mammal walk with Mr. I.  It was so fun!  This is how we learned characteristics of mammals!  This week we will be creating “mammal art”!  

Second Grade Updates!

We are ready for a great week!

Reading Instruction:  We will begin this week focusing on our first non-fiction piece “Dogs”!   Each week we read a story or piece of non-fiction and work on the following skills and strategies: reading of words (phonics), vocabulary, fluency (reading the words with appropriate accuracy, rate, and expression) and comprehension (understanding and meaning). The story will come home this week for reading practice!  Your child can read and teach you all about true dog facts!

Reading Skill – Main Idea & Details
Main Idea – What the story is about
Details – supports and tells more

Math:  Our class finished  Chapter 1- Addition concepts.  We will begin chapter 2 on Monday- number patterns.  Please note that there will be a My Math password for your child’s math book in his/her planner this week.  There will also be a password for xtra math to support math fact practice at home.  Please use these sites if you are able at home for extra practice.  

Spelling:  Spelling pattern this week:   Long Vowel Teams:  ea and ee   Spelling skills will be pretested every Monday and differentiated lists will be sent home depending on the needs of each student. All lists will follow the same phonic pattern, but will have different multi-syllabic combinations. Spelling Tests are every Friday.  This cycle our focus will be on long vowels.  Please support your child with the many practice suggestions I sent home to your family.   Remember-I provide a ton of practice of these words each week in the classroom.  I am excited about many kids practicing spelling words at home.  It is super important!  Happy Spelling!

HOMEWORK! Love that planner!  Look for the PLANNER page in our BLUE folders each night for daily learning jobs that require your attention.  I also post homework on Class DoJo. You have done an awesome job so far with assisting your second grader to become a responsible learner!  Thank you!  Students will be asked to read 15 minutes every night. Most nights, reading/leveled books will be sent home. Some nights I ask that you support your child by making selections from home, “choice” (books in your home library, library books, books kids select from my library for fun).   I am trying to teach kids about “Good Fit” choice books.  To foster this, each student now has an independent book bin in the classroom.  These bins have “Good Fit” books for each student in the classroom.  

Content:  We are still working on living things!  We learned about mammals and their characteristics.  This week Mr. I. has some fun learning planned studying mammals!  We will also consider planting our lima bean seeds in soil!

See our schedule and reminders for this week below!

Monday 10/1~ Day A~ Gym   (Wear your sneakers!)   

Tuesday 10/2~Day B~ Art

Wednesday 10/3~Day C- Music

Thursday 10/4~ Day D~   Applied Engineering  Martic Picture Day!

Friday 10/5~ Day A~  Gym  (Wear your sneakers!)