Penn Manor Early Dismissal

Due to the snow forecast for this afternoon, Penn Manor will be dismissing early today and will be canceling after school and evening activities. Secondary students in 7th through 12th grade will be dismissed at 11:00 am and elementary students in 1st through 6th grade will be dismissed at 12:00 pm. Morning kindergarten will be dismissed at the regularly scheduled time of 11:30 am, but we are encouraging parents to come between 11:20-11:30 to help clear our bus lane. There will be no afternoon kindergarten. Head Start will be dismissing at 11:15 AM.

Lunch will be served before students depart.

Here’s The Scoop This Week!

Well, we had a super duper week in second grade!  We are reading realistic fiction text and learning how to identify detail in our stories.  We are also working on writing awesome five sentence (or more) paragraphs and short summaries of books!  We will continue to work on the focus of setting- now with the story Annie’s Gift. Thank you for your support with reading at home!  We are working on finishing up our subtraction with regrouping chapter in math.  Please encourage home practice with your child!  We are focusing on different national symbols and some historical facts about our country in social studies in the month of February!

Have a wonderful week!  Mrs. B.


Please send your boxtops to our room!

Monday, January 28:  Day D:  We have gym. Please wear sneakers!

Tuesday, January 29:  Day A:  We have library instruction.

Wednesday, January 30:  Day B:  We have art.

Thursday, February 1:  Day C:  We have music.  

Friday, February 2:  Day B:  We have art.

Wear red day- support keeping your heart healthy.

Spelling and reading assessment.  REPORT CARDS GO HOME TODAY.

Kids At Work Day!

Construction Worker       Athlete        Dental Hygienist 

Retail Manager         Vet        Artist       Fashion Designer 

Chef           Entrepreneur        Teacher           Firefighter 

   Caregiver            Marine Biologist        Police Officer

Kids at Work Day is on Friday, February 22, 2019!

As a way to promote career exploration and awareness with our elementary students, the Penn Manor elementary schools are planning a special day across the district.

On Friday, February 22, 2019 students are invited to wear clothing that represents careers they may be interested in exploring as an adult.

Our hope is that Kids at Work Day is a great way to start conversations at home and at school about different types of careers, why someone chooses a career, and what kind of training/schooling is needed to get started in a particular career.

Here’s The Scoop!

This week we will read lots of fiction this week and will feature the stories of- Mr. Putter and Tabby- (Two of my favorite characters of all time!).  We will focus on setting- where and when a story takes place.  Please continue to support your second grader at home with spelling and vocabulary words. We have MOTIONS for every vocabulary word to help us remember word meaning!   The stories we read in class are available to you on my blog site from home!  You can access the featured story on-line through my blog site.  We will continue our “fiction” focus!  Read, read, read!

We are beginning to focus on  subtraction strategies with three digit numbers.  We will go back to the concept of regrouping and borrowing.  This can be tricky, so thanks in advance for your support!  You can find practice resources on my blog, Moodle site or on your child’s My Math account.

The scientific process is still a focus in our classroom- kids love to experiment!!  Did you ask your second grader about physical or chemical change?  We have some upcoming experiments with matter this week- Whoo hoo!  We will focus on our national symbols and holidays in social studies in the month of February!  Stay tuned for Valentine information coming soon!  Have a great week! NOTE CHANGES IN OUR CYCLE DAY SCHEDULE!

Tuesday, January 22: Day A:  We have library instruction.  Book Exchange!

Wednesday, January 23:  Day B:  We have art!

Thursday, January 24:  Day C:  We have music!

Friday, January 25:  Day D:  We gym today. Reading and spelling assessments!

1:30 Dimissal Today! Please advise if your child has a different dismissal plan.

Here’s The Scoop!

Hi Second Grade Families!  

This week in second grade we will be reviewing many skills and strategies that you see coming home on our weekly study guide.  Please note that the study guide is an important tool to keep you informed of our learning.  We will fill our planner with review spelling words and vocabulary words for our review of skills this week!  We will be reading a reader’s theater called the “Birthday Mystery”.  We will practice fluency goals- accuracy, rate, and expression.

We will wrap up chapter six in math this week and will continue to move through chapter 7 in math- subtraction strategies.  The kids are working very hard on these concepts. They are awesome little mathematicians!  It is great to see such ” mental” math strategies happen in the classroom! We are all about “matter” and science experiments right now! We did a very COOL density experiment last week that I hope you heard all about!

Please refer to DOJO post for this week’s cycle days!

Your kids are working hard and amaze me daily with the sense of classroom community felt each day in second grade.  Thanks for your continued support!  Kerry BushongE

We are back and ready to roll!

Our second grade work is A- M- A- Z- I- N- G!

Wow- We had a busy week getting back into our school routine!  Whoo Hoo!  I am so proud of everyone- the work kids are doing is amazing!  Thank you for your tremendous home support!  We will be focusing on a non-fiction text this week featuring rainforest babies and many non-fiction articles.  Please look for some of these coming home for assigned reading.  We will be talking about all of the features of non-fiction text.  It will be a great week of learning and growing.

We will continue to focus on adding and subtracting numbers in the hundreds place and using our math strategies.  I am sending home math fact assessments soon- remember the goal in second grade is 18/20 addition facts and 16/20 subtraction facts in a minute. Fact fluency is important and we are practicing in school daily!  Please continue ANY type of fact practice at home! Mrs. Zug sends home practice for kids if needed each week! Please make sure this work is returned to school.

In science we are working on the concept of matter- solids, liquids, gases!  Ask your child all about it!

Be on the look out for GREAT work coming home in your child’s planner!  We are really focusing on answering questions based from text.  We are reading our chapter book- a favorite, Stuart Little.  We will begin watching “Stuart Little” as a reward when we are finished reading!  Love it- Thanks for all that you do to make school a wonderful place to be!  🙂

Mrs.  Bushong

Here’s The Scoop!

Spelling Pattern Next Week:   -y -ey word endings

All children will be on the regular spelling list this week.  This is a more difficult spelling pattern and we will be doing a lot of reinforcement of these words together!  We will also incorporate some sight words too!

Reading Strategy:  Author’s Purpose:  Why did the author write this story?  To persuade you?  To inform you?  To entertain you?

Compare and Contrast- We are studying elements of story that are the same and different.  We are comparing texts, characters, settings, events, and much more!

Monday, December 3:  Day A-  We have Jump Rope for Heart DANCE PARTY.  Basic math fact ice cream sundaes.  WEAR SNEAKERS!

Tuesday, December 4:  Day B-  We have art.(

Wednesday, December 5:  Day C-  We have music.

Thursday, December 6:  Day D-  We have applied engineering.

Sixth Grade Buddy activity today

Friday, December 7:  Day A-  We have gym.  Please wear sneakers.

Our focus this month will be on kindness and giving over the holiday season!  We will focus on the importance of friendship and kindness toward one another.  We will do many activities in our classroom with a focus on giving and spreading cheer and joy to others in our school and community!  We will also explore some mulitcultural holiday celebrations across the world.

It’s Almost Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Week!

This Week in 2B: There will be NO planner page this week due to    Thanksgiving vacation.  There will be NO spelling list this week!

Monday, November 19: Day B: We have art today.
Tuesday, November 20: Day C: We have music.
Wednesday, November 21: Day D: We have applied engineering.    Early Dismissal. 1:30 pm

Thanksgiving Vacation:  Thursday, November 22-Monday, November 26

I will see all of my smiling second graders on Tuesday, November 27!  Happy Thanksgiving!

Here’s The Scoop in 2B!

Thank you for a wonderful conference week!  It was delightful to visit with parents to talk about the leaps and bounds of growth children are making in second grade! ALL children in 2-B are amazing!  Thank you for your support in all that we do each and every learning day!  Your support makes GREAT things possible for us in 2B!

Monday, November 12:  Day A:  We have gym!  Please wear sneakers.  BOOK EXCHANGE TODAY!

Optimism Assembly and Dental program today!

Tuesday, November 13th:  Day B:  We have art.  

Wednesday, November 14th:  Day C:  We have music.

Thursday, November 15th:  Day D:  We have applied engineering.

Friday, November 16th:  Day A:    We have gym today.  (Spelling Test)

Reading This Week:  This cycle we are reading a stories that support PLOT- and main idea.   The pieces of fiction we are reading will support  PLOT of the story- beginning, middle, and end events too. Read, read, read!  We are trying to get children into reading on their interest level- we explore so many genres!   Please remember that Storytown is also on line as well.  The link is on my blog.  We are really working on written response, so please use the questions in the back of the story to support comprehension!

Math:  In math we will begin chapter 4- subtraction strategies! There are many multi-step problems and processes during this chapter.  I will place the “My Math” code in your child’s planner.  It has video tutorials to help support homework.  

Content Area Learning:  We are focusing on the First Thanksgiving through literature and class activities.  Different Native American tribes are a focus of our study as well. Geography is a common thread in all of our learning.  We refer to many locations in our world so that students learn continents, oceans, and much more!  

Have an awesome week!   Mrs. Bushong