ABC’s of Second Grade

The ABC’s of Second Grade


Attendance– Much of our learning will take place together in class. We do
lots of hands-on activities and group work. Please plan to attend school every
day, except in cases of illness or emergency!
Birthdays– We love to celebrate such a special day! You may send treats for your child’s birthday.  If your child has a summer birthday, please let me know which day your child would like to celebrate.
Book Orders– Scholastic Book order forms will be sent home with your child
each month. This is a great way to purchase books inexpensively, while
helping our class earn points towards buying books for our classroom library.  You can return orders to school with a check made out to Scholastic or go to the Scholastic Book Club website on my blog page.
Communication– Parent-Teacher communication is essential to your child’s education. You may contact me anytime in a way that is most convenient for you. I can be reached quickest and easiest through email, but feel free to call or send a note.
Dismissal– School ends at 3:20. You must send a note to school if your child
is to go home a different way than his/her normal schedule.  Also, please send your child to school with a note if you will be picking them up early so I can notify the office.
Early Dismissal– In case of inclement weather, we may have to dismiss early, have a delayed start, or close school. Please listen to your local news station to obtain this information.E-mail– My school e-mail is   I check my email frequently and will respond as soon as possible.
Field trips– our class will be going on a field trip this year. We will send information a couple weeks in advance.
Genres– Second graders will be learning about different genres of books this year.  They will be reading books from a variety of genres.  Each month a new genre will be highlighted and they will have the opportunity to read books from that particular genre, as well as the other genres.
Homework– your child will have homework Monday through Thursday. It should take about 20-30 minutes and must come back to school the next day in take-home folders.  Homework consists of:
1) Reading 10-15 minutes each night.
2) Practicing Math facts and math skills.
3) Practicing Spelling words.
4) Completing any work not finished in class.
Important information– If you have any important papers that need to come to school, please send them in your child’s take-home folder.Involvement– Your involvement is important to me and your child.   Please
let me know if you ever need ideas on how to be more involved! 🙂
Jobs– Every two weeks your child will have a new classroom job to perform.  These jobs help the students learn responsibility and cooperation.
Kindness– Please encourage your child to be kind & use their manners in the classroom and at school.
Lunch– Lunch time for second grade is from about 11:40 until 12:00.  Please join us any time!
Math– Second grade is a big year for learning the addition and subtraction math facts.  We will be using the Mastering Math Facts program (a.k.a. Rocket Math) to help us learn our facts.  Facts will only need to be practiced if your child does not pass their Rocket Math test.  Our goal is for every child to experience success!
Photographs– Check out our blog to see what’s going on in our classroom.
Questions– If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to call or email me.  I will respond as quickly as possible.
Reading– Students are expected to read at home every night, as part of their nightly homework. They will have a book to read to you in his/her take home folder.Recess– Second graders have two recesses.  The students will go outside for recess everyday, weather permitting.
Spelling words– A spelling list will be sent home at the beginning of each week.   The assigned spelling list consists of 10 words that follow a pattern,
5 are challenge words for a total of 15 words.
If your child has 2 or fewer errors on his/her pretest that week, they will only need to study the words they missed and the 11-15 other high frequency and challenge vocabulary words.
Please help your child study for each test.
Think-  We are the great inventors and thinkers for our future!
Unique– Every child is unique in his/her own way!
Volunteers– we love volunteers! Moms, dads, grandparents… you can volunteer
in class or work on things for class at home. Please let me know if you’d like
to help and we can find a classroom job for you!
Wish List– Occasionally I will post items that we could use in our classroom.  Any donations are greatly appreciated!
1) Any books not being used at your house would be a great addition to our classroom library.
I am eXcited to work with You and Your child this year!
Make sure he/she gets plenty of Zzzz’s each night as we have exciting
days planned for this year!