3-Dimensional Shapes!

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Get ready second graders to do a 3 dimensional shape hunt in your house!  I can’t wait to see you Wednesday night at 7:00 pm!  Here is a Mrs. B. video and a game for you to play to get ready!  See you there!  Love, Mrs. B.

Chapter 12: Lesson 4: Three-Dimensional Shapes – Watch Video

Shape Match Game! https://www.abcya.com/games/shape_match

3D Shape Hunt and Surprise Guest!



When:  Wednesday, May 20 at 7:00 PM

What:  Mrs. B. will provide 3 Dimensional shape instruction.  I will also introduce some 3D shapes that you will learn about on your remote learning checklist this week!  If you have a 3D shape to share- please bring it to the meet!  We will be talking about sides, faces, and vertices!

Surprise Guest!  Mrs. Longenecker will be with us for a fun introduction to multiplication!  

What do you need?  Please bring your 3D shape from your shape hunt!  Google Meet Code is the SAME for all Wednesday night pop ups!  I sent the link reminder in email! See you there!

Looking Ahead…Wednesday Student Spotlight! Ethan!

Wednesday’s student spotlight is on Ethan! Ethan is a pleasure to have in our classroom. He impresses us with his drawings and his ability to work with numbers. Ethan works very hard and never gives up. He listens carefully and always knows what to do. His artwork is a good display of just how much effort Ethan puts into his projects. He is kind and you can always catch him with a big smile on his face!

Looking Ahead…Tuesday Student Spotlight! Aidyn!

Tuesday’s student spotlight is on Aidyn! Aidyn is someone that we all look forward to seeing every day in school. He is a kind friend that we can all count on. Aidyn is a math wizard and has the ability to see math in his head…wow! He has great problem-solving skills that will always impress his teachers. Aidyn is a caring kid who will always put others before himself. We are lucky to have a boy like Aidyn in our classroom!

Who will be the next student spotlight? Keep checking the blog to find out! Every student will have their moment in the spotlight☺️

Monday’s Student Spotlight! Rueben!

Today’s student spotlight is on Rueben! Rueben is our creative, outside-of-the-box thinker. He has a wonderful imagination and thinks of ideas that are very impressive. Rueben has grown so much this year and has proven to be a great math whiz and reader. He is a critical thinker and can pick up on the deeper messages in stories. We love hearing about Rueben’s thinking and we can’t wait to see where it takes him in his future!

Meet Your Third Grade Teacher!

Since we are not able to be together for our students to meet the teachers in the next grade level, we have created a time for all students to meet the teachers and get to know the expectations of the grade level for the 2020-2021 school year.

On May 28th, students will be able to virtually meet their teacher for next year. Use the schedule and links below to find your child’s session.

Google Meet Codes and Times
Grade 1 (9:30-9:50 AM)meet.google.com/ipv-mvok-nwd
Grade 2 (10:00-10:20 AM)meet.google.com/hnp-xmip-nfn
Grade 3 (10:30-10:50 AM)http://meet.google.com/esn-cekq-nsn
Grade 4 (11:00-11:20 AM)http://meet.google.com/sqy-giyj-qop
Grade 5 (11:30-11:50 AM)https://meet.google.com/qzr-dzec-pzz?authuser=0
Grade 6 (12:00-12:20 PM)meet.google.com/fku-dukw-hcx

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Friday’s Student Spotlight! Sophia!

Today’s student spotlight is on Sophia! Sophia is an absolute light in our classroom. Her positive attitude and kind heart make her special. We can always count on Sophia to listen carefully and think deeply about her ideas. She takes her time and she does not turn anything in until it looks like her best work! Sophia puts her all into everything she does and it is truly a gift that we all appreciate!

Who will be the next student spotlight? Keep checking the blog to find out! Every student will have their moment in the spotlight☺️

Thursday Student Spotlight! Liam S.

Today’s student spotlight is on Liam S! Liam has made some of the most growth in our class this year. Liam is a responsible helper and constantly looks for ways to assist his teachers and his classmates. Every day, Liam sets goals for himself and works hard to reach them. He has worked to become a great writer and creator. Liam is a ray of sunshine and we are so proud of everything he has accomplished!

Who will be the next student spotlight? Keep checking the blog to find out! Every student will have their moment in the spotlight☺️

Infer when you read!

Good Morning Second Graders!

Today you will be using the reading strategy of inference!  It is when YOU need to use clues to help you understand stories!  Take a look at this mini-story below!  What clues can you use to figure out this person’s job?


Here are some clues I found:
1.  I keep your teeth healthy and clean.

2.  I remind you to brush and floss your teeth.

Did you guess a dentist?  You are right!  The author did not tell you the job, but gave you clues to figure it out! Good luck with your inference work today!   See the video to help below!  There is a fun quiz at the end!  Love, Mrs. B.