Learning Behaviors

There will be one to three learning goals highlighted each week in second grade to foster learning and development in social factors which strongly influence academic success.   Each week learners will individually choose the learning behavior which would help him/her reach his/her personal best in school. 

  • Being a good listener.
  • Respects rights, feelings and things that belong to other people.
  • Participates during activities.
  • Tells the whole story.
  • Keeps a quiet body.
  • Works well with other children.
  • Works hard and doesn’t give up.
  • Follows directions.
  • Takes responsibility for belongings.  Takes care of one’s things.
  • Listens to what others tell you.
  • Makes decisions about what to do.
  • Tries to solve problems.
  • Knows when to ‘stop’.
  • Speaks clearly in front of others.
  • Organizes work.
  • Does one’s personal best.

There are certain learning behaviors that undergird a child’s success.  Children need multiple opportunities to develop and practice these behaviors in real situations.  (REACH, 2000)

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