Edible Classroom Watermelon Blaster 5K

Here’s a great opportunity to get out there and do something fun with your family AND increase our chance of receiving a School Garden Grant from The Edible Classroom!

Register for The Watermelon Blaster 5K.* It’s held on our own Penn Manor Cross Country course at Manor Middle School, 2950 Charlestown Road. The race is held on Saturday, September 21 at 8:30 am. There’s also a Kids Fun Run at 9:30 am, live music by the Dreadnaught Brigade, a Watermelon Seed Spittin’ contest and free Watermelon Smoothies for all runners.

The Watermelon Blaster 5K & Kids Fun Run is a fundraiser to help schools dig deeper with their school garden program. Our school garden is awesome, and we want to keep making it better! We’ve applied to receive a School Garden Grant and we need lots of runners to strengthen our application.

Bonus: Our school gets 20 VIP cards from Tropical Smoothie if we’re the first school with 20 registered runners. That’s 20 FREE 24 oz. smoothies! Just make sure you type Central Manor Elementary School on the online registration form where you see this…

*not affiliated with Penn Manor School District

Spelling Schedule and Information

This year your child will be taking a spelling test at the end of each week. While this typically is a Friday, it may also fall on a Thursday due to holidays or other pre-scheduled days off. Below, I have listed the days for all 30 spelling lists and the corresponding test date. If for some reason the spelling test is not given on the specified date due to weather or unexpected schedule changes, it will take place on the next school day. In the event that a change is necessary that would affect the entire yearly schedule, a new schedule will be sent home with updated dates. All 30 spelling lists are available online via my blog or at https://www.spellingcity.com/users/rmbodde. All 30 spelling lists were also printed and sent home for ease of access at home. 

While by default I do not assign specific spelling homework, it is expected that your child is preparing for the assessment each week. I will be providing a number of strategies and online tools to assist your child with this endeavor but will not be assigning, collecting, or grading any of the work they do to prepare for the spelling test. The traditional spelling homework packet will always be available for your child to take and use as a study tool. Some weeks your child may need to do very little outside of school to prepare while other weeks your child may need to dedicate significant time each night to make sure they are ready by the end of the week. As I have shared with your child, I have full confidence that with time and effort, every student is capable of earning a 100% on their end of the week assessment. 

As with many other assessments this year, I freely offer retakes for students. It is the student’s responsibility to request a retake. I am not nearly as concerned when your child can demonstrate mastery, only that they are able to demonstrate mastery of each of our 6th-grade skills by the time they leave my classroom. 

As always, if you have any questions or concerns about spelling, never hesitate to reach out at karli.feaster@pennmanor.net. 

DateSpelling List
DateSpelling List
Aug. 29thList 1
Dec. 20thList 16
Sept. 6thList 2
Jan. 10thList 17
Sept. 13thList 3
Jan. 17thList 18
Sept. 20thList 4
Jan 24thList 19
Sept. 27thList 5
Jan 31stList 20
Oct. 4thList 6
Feb. 7thList 21
Oct. 11thList 7
Feb. 14thList 22
Oct. 18thList 8
Feb. 21stList 23
Oct. 25th List 9
Feb 28thList 24
Oct. 31stList 10
Mar. 6thList 25
Nov. 8thList 11
Mar. 13thList 26
Nov. 15thList 12
Mar. 20thList 27
Nov. 22ndList 13
Mar. 27thList 28
Dec. 6thList 14
Apr. 3rdList 29
Dec. 13thList 15
Apr. 9thList 30

Race for Education Information

From the CM PTO…

Good Afternoon! I wanted to send out a little more information about Race for Education, The program has been very helpful for us so far!
Yesterday 2 important papers should have been sent home with your child.

The white page is an overall info sheet about the race day, schedule, incentives, the mailer and how to find the students online donation link. To find this go to http://www.race4ed.com/cme there sponsors can search for students by first and last name and make online donations. It’s very simple! 

The green paper is the mailer, this can be used to send to a sponsor and have them enclose a check and mail it back. Unlike previous years we will not be mailing these out for families. Instructions on how to use this mailer are on the back of the white sheet. They are a special grade of paper specifically for using through the USPS system so it’s important that families do not just copy the paper if they would like to send out more than 1. There are a pile of extra mailers in the office available at a first come, first serve basis.

We already have online donations starting to come in so fingers crossed this can be a really successful event for our school!

PM Food Service & Meal Assistance

August 9, 2019

School is right around the corner. It’s not too early to start getting ready. You and your family may be eligible under a federal program for Child Nutrition: https://www.fns.usda.gov/cnp/fr-032019

Research has shown that good nutrition has a positive impact on a child’s ability to focus and learn. It is important that we provide a nurturing environment for each child, so that individual success as a student can be maximized.  We would encourage you to review the links below and submit an application.  Even kindergarten students can qualify for meals; which is certainly helpful if you plan to send them to breakfast or for the days when they have a chance to eat lunch at school with the older students.  Please contact Brian Malek for more details.  All information is confidential.  Many families are unaware that they qualify for this meal assistance program. 

Eligibility for 2019-20

Online application

PM Food Services


Let me start off by saying how thrilled and privileged I am to get to be your sixth grade teacher! I cannot wait to meet you and hear your story. We are all so unique and can learn from each other. We are going to have a great year with new adventures and experiences!

This blog will be a great resource for you and your families to use throughout the school year. Here you will find important updates, links to helpful websites, posts by YOU and much more! Take a moment to have your parents subscribe to the website so that they will receive notifications when news posts are up.

Before you log off to enjoy the last sweet moments of summer, click the about tab to learn more about me. Then comment right here (click the LEAVE A COMMENT button at the top of the post) with one interesting or unique thing about you! I am looking forward to reading your fun fact and learning a little about you before we meet on the first day of school!

2018-2019 End of Year Video

WE MADE IT! What a wonderful year it has been in sixth grade! It has been an absolute joy teaching these sixth graders who will forever have a special place in my heart as my first class. They have given me endless laughs and smiles. They have grown me as a teacher and we have grown together as a family. This Penn Manor Class of 2025 is going to do great things to change the world, and I cannot wait to see how exactly that will play out.

Never forget, 6F, always to be kinder than is necessary and all else will fall into place.

January Happenings

Next week begins the 3rd marking period which means we are nearly on the downward climb of 6th grade!

In math, all classes have been looking at the beginning skills of algebra with equations and expressions which will take us through the end of the month and into February. Khan Academy is always a great resource to lean on when stuck. If you are still having trouble logging into the math book website, let me know so I can get in touch with the people who can help!

This unit of ELA has focused on the central idea of the text and summarizing. In the next unit, we will be reading our second novel of the year, Nothing But the Truth by Avi. Also, at the start of the third marking period, 6F will be back with me learning biology.

Important Info on Remind

Starting January 28, Verizon customers will no longer be able to receive text messages through Remind due to an increase in the service fee. If you are a Verizon customer, you can still receive messages through the free Remind app or by email. Please make sure you are still able to receive messages through remind if you have Verizon by signing up appropriately here!

Other January Dates

  • January 14-17: Box Top Blitz- Send in those Box Tops so we can have a Pizza Party!!
  • January 17: Book Orders Due- Class Code TFTJR
  • January 18 & 21: No School
  • January 25: Early Dismissal
  • January 30: Shine Time
  • February 1: Report Cards

December Happenings

2018 is almost over and we are nearly halfway through our school year! Yesterday, 6th grade musicians shared their talents with us at our holiday concert. We are looking forward to other festivities throughout the month including time with our 3rd grade buddies and our Holiday Shine Time. Check out the list of important dates at the bottom of this post!

Our focus this month for character education is manners and courtesy. Students are designing infographics that will be posted around the school sharing younger students important etiquette tips they all should remember.

In math we are working with integers & the coordinate plane and will shortly move on to algebraic expressions. Khan Academy is always a great resource to continue practicing skills. My math class will soon start working with coding video games using what they learn about coordinate planes and algebraic expressions, and I can’t wait to see what they create!

In ELA, we are wrapping up our unit on Understanding Elements and Structures of Nonfiction. Last week, we practiced text structures with rousing games of UKnow & Headbands. This week, students took on the identity of a Titanic passenger as we read about the history and analyzed the structure and features. Students all have a nonfiction text features and structures bookmark that they should be looking over to prepare for our test before winter break. Here are a few resources that will help students get ready for this test…

Text Structures Quizizz Enter Code 677474

Text Features Quizizz Enter Code 934689

Important Dates:

December 7: Scholastic Book Orders Due (Class Code TFTJR)

December 10: Dr. Madara Sexual Harassment Lesson

December 21: Holiday Shine Time & Early Dismissal

Parent Climate Survey

From Mr. Malek & Mrs. Transue…

November 6, 2018

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Research suggests that a positive school climate can support student success.

This year, Central Manor Elementary School has again decided to gather data on students’, staff, and parents’ perceptions of the school climate. This data will help the school leadership team and staff continue to identify areas of strength and areas for improvement.

Please let us know what you think by completing an anonymous survey at:


When you reach the survey website, please look for the “CLICKING HERE” hyperlink near the top of the web page.

Invitation Code  BYTRD1

The survey will be open until Friday, November 16, 2018.  We plan to have several locations set up throughout the school on Wednesday, November 7, 2018 during parent/teacher conferences.  Please look for a computer in the office, downstairs lobby by the playground doors, and/or in the beach area in or K-2 wing of the building.  Another option is to complete this survey at home on your personal computer.

Please help us improve the school climate by taking 5-10 minutes to complete this survey.   Families with multiple students, please take this survey one time only.  If you choose to complete the survey, please send in a brief note to the office stating you did so.  Your name will be entered into a random drawing to win gift cards to local stores.  Several winners will be chosen.


Brian Malek & Michele Transue