COVID-19 PMSD Closure Information

IMPORTANT Meal Distribution Information

From Penn Manor District

Penn Manor schools are closed through March 27 in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. It is unclear whether that status will change or when we may be able to resume normal operations. As we all deal with this unprecedented challenge, we want to let students and parents know that the education of children is on hold as the district evaluates options moving forward. Penn Manor continues to follow direction from the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Please understand that teachers will not be instructing students, grading assignments, or corresponding on instructional matters during the current 10-day closure. While teachers may have resources for students such as active Google Classrooms for their lessons, there is no expectation for student attendance or submission of assignments between March 16 and March 30.

Updated information available here.

Ideas for this time of uncertainty…

While none of this will be graded or even collected, I wanted to provide you all with a list of things that you can be doing instead of going stir crazy (like me!)…

  • Keep a journal of your daily thoughts and activities. We are living history right now, so what a cool artifact a journal would be to share in the future!
  • Keep up with math using Khan Academy. If you are not part of a class with your math teacher already, you are welcome to join mine by clicking this link. Khan is a great tool to use to practice the math skills we have focused on so far this year as well as get a peak at what is still to come.
  • Go Geocaching with your family! There are so many places to look for hidden treasures even in Lancaster County. Getting outside during this time is so important!
  • Check out the free resources Scholastic is sharing. There are some really great and interesting articles to read…some even straight from Scope.
  • Listen to an audio book or read an eBook! If you or someone in your family has a public library card, you can virtual borrow audio books and eBooks with Overdrive/Libby. Libraries are closed at the time being, but once they open again, library cards are free and open this resource to you, as well.
  • Learn to code with CS First. Two great plans to follow are Game Design and Sports. When you log in with your Google account, join Game Design with code t7bty3 or Sports with code 7mv8fm.
  • Take a virtual field trip with Discovery Education. There are hundreds of adventures to choose from. Just use your Google account to log in!
  • Try a new recipe. The Food Network has plenty of kid friendly ideas!
  • Keep a list of things you are thankful for. Can you come up with 3 unique things every day? If you did this all year, you’d have a list of over 1,000!
  • Play a board game with your family.
  • Read a book.
  • Write letters to family and friends you won’t see for a while.
  • Most importantly…STAY HEALTHY.

I’m thinking of our 6F family during this time and look forward to seeing you all again soon!