Spelling Information

Dear Families, 

This year your child will be taking a spelling test at the end of each week. While this typically takes place on a Friday, it may also fall on a Thursday due to holidays or other pre-scheduled days off. Below, I have listed the days for all 30 spelling lists and the corresponding test date. If for some reason the spelling test is not given on the specified date due to weather or unexpected schedule changes, it will take place on the next school day. Additionally, there are a number of days with two dates listed. This is due to weather make-up days. Again, in general, the test will be the last day of the school week. In the event that a change is necessary that would affect the entire yearly schedule, a new schedule will be sent home with updated dates. All 30 spelling lists are available online here and linked in the Online Resources tab or on Google Classroom. Your child received a packet with all 30 spelling lists during the first week of school, also.

While by default I do not assign specific spelling homework, it is expected that your child is preparing for the assessment each week. I will be providing a number of strategies and online tools to assist your child with this endeavor but will not be assigning, collecting, or grading any of the work they do to prepare for the spelling test. Some weeks your child may need to do very little outside of school to prepare while other weeks your child may need to dedicate significant time each night to make sure they are ready by the end of the week. As I have shared with your child, I have full confidence that with time and effort, every student is capable of earning a 100% on their end of the week assessment. In middle school, there will be many assessments that students will need to prepare for on their own. This is a small step towards preparing your child for next year.

As with many other assessments this year, I freely offer retakes for students. It is the student’s responsibility to request a retake. I am not nearly as concerned when your child can demonstrate mastery, only that he or she is able to demonstrate mastery of each of our 6th-grade skills by the time they leave my classroom. 

As always, if you have any questions or concerns about spelling, never hesitate to reach out at karli.feaster@pennmanor.net . 

Karli Feaster

DateSpelling ListDateSpelling List
Sept. 10thList 1Jan. 14thList 16
Sept. 17thList 2Jan. 28thList 17
Sept. 24thList 3Feb. 4thList 18
Oct. 1stList 4Feb. 11thList 19
Oct. 8thList 5Feb. 17/18thList 20
Oct. 15thList 6Feb. 25thList 21
Oct. 22ndList 7Mar. 4thList 22
Oct. 29thList 8Mar. 11thList 23
Nov. 4th List 9Mar. 18thList 24
Nov. 12thList 10Mar.24/25thList 25
Nov. 19thList 11Apr. 1stList 26
Dec. 3rdList 12Apr. 8thList 27
Dec. 10thList 13Apr. 22ndList 28
Dec. 17thList 14Apr. 29thList 29
Jan. 7thList 15May 6thList 30