New J.K. Rowling Book & Contest

If you missed the big news, J.K. Rowling is publishing a new story (non-Harry Potter) in installments online, and is running an art contest to choose a young illustrator for the book when it’s published later this year. Sounds like a fun summer project to me! You can find all the information on The Ickabog website along with the book where it will also be released over the next several weeks!

Middle School Meeting

Hi there, 6th graders & families!

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow at 11:00 AM (Tuesday, May 12) our class will be meeting virtually with Dr. Madara and Mrs. Rogers to talk about transitioning to middle school. Usually this is a quick trip to the middle school at the end of the year, but we are making the most of what we’ve got! They will be sharing important information and be able to answer any questions you may have about moving on to 7th grade. 

To join the meeting, students will be able to find the link in our Google Classroom.

Looking forward to “seeing” you tomorrow!

6th Grade Memory Bag & Personal Item Pick Up

6th Grade Families,

We would like to invite your child & family to enjoy a drive-thru visit to Central Manor on Wednesday, May 27th between the hours of 9:00-11:00 AM.  We plan on handing your family two bags.  The first bag will contain any personal items collected from your child’s desk and locker.  The second bag will be a special drawstring “Memory Bag” that will be filled with wonderful items that will help your child remember Central Manor.  

To help spread out our visits, we ask that you follow this guideline for arrival times:

Student LAST NAMES:  A-L:  9:00-10:00 AM

Student LAST NAMES:  M-Z:  10:00-11:00 AM

If the last name arrival time makes it difficult due to your work schedule, please arrive when you can.  If you have a unique circumstance, please e-mail Mr. Malek at:

We are asking you to follow these guidelines to help ensure the health & safety of all families and staff members:
*Enter through the main entrance directly in front of the main doors.
*Follow all traffic patterns and/or traffic cones.*Please stay inside your car and your child’s teacher will hand you the bags.
*We ask that the person lowering the car window to receive the bags be wearing a mask. (as our staff will be wearing masks too)  
*Depending on the traffic behind you at the time, please be mindful that conversations may need to be brief.

*Follow the traffic flow to exit out of the parking lot.

We thank you for your understanding and look forward to seeing your 6th grader on Wednesday, May 27th.

Quarantine Bingo!

As promised this morning in our class meeting, here is the Bingo board for this week! Join us in aiming for 5 in a row. Be ready to share with us what you did to check off each box at our 11:00 Wednesday Hangout next week!

Don’t forget there’s bonus brownie points for a blackout! 🙂

Week of April 20

Hi 6F Students & Families!

We are another week down! Thank you for all your flexibility and support during all this change as we tread uncharted waters. We are all definitely learning together in this!

Next week, the assignments posted will begin with new content instead of reviewed material. Assignments will go up later this afternoon. Because of the way CM runs Science and Social Studies, our class has already had a preview for those topics and are ahead of the game! 

I made screencast walkthrough videos for each assignment clearly explaining and showing what needs to be done for each for this round (hopefully this will be helpful!). Students can find those videos linked to each assignment in Google Classroom.

Once again, uploading work to Google Classroom is the BEST way to ensure that everything gets exactly where it needs to go and doesn’t get lost in the ether. If you are unsure how to attach work to an assignment, watch this quick tutorial (Mr. Bodde made this back when assignments are optional, so he mentions that, but know that assignments are now expected. Uploading assignments to Google Classroom still works the same way!). Most of you have been submitting via Google Classroom and that is great! When I “return” a document on Google Classroom, you do not need to turn it in again unless I ask you to resubmit.

As always, please don’t hesitate to email me with questions or concerns!

Miss Feaster

Google Hangouts on Wednesdays

Hey there, 6th graders!

I miss seeing you all, so let’s change that! I am going to be hosting weekly meetings with Google Hangouts starting this Wednesday at 11:00AM. Nothing academic…just checking in and catching up!

You’ll find a link in Google Classroom at that time. This video shows you where!


Week of April 13th Updates

Hey there, 6th graders & families!

First, I had so much fun today in our GimKit game! There were some technical difficulties on my end that should be worked out soon. So…if you want…tomorrow a KitCollab style game! You will need to add at least 3 fun fact questions (ex: An octopus has how many hearts?). The code will be up in PaperPlane 19 at noon to start adding questions and the game will begin at 12:30!

Next, there are a few changes happening next week as we move into Phase 2 of Penn Manor’s Continuity of Education Plan

The first change is that these assignments are now expected rather than optional. The learning activities for the week of Monday, April 13th should be posted here on April 9th and are due to me by midnight on Thursday, April 16th. Receipt of these assignments will be recorded in Sapphire. All assignments can be submitted through our Google Classroom. I have “assignments” set up there in a category called Week of Monday, April 13th Distance Learning for submission as it keeps all work just a little more organized on my end. Some of the assignments may encourage pictures or videos. There are directions for how to submit these in Google Classroom, as well. If at any point there are issues submitting in Google Classroom, an email submission is fine, too.

The second change is that I will be available daily Monday through Friday from 2:00PM to 3:00PM for office hours. During this time, students can have real time access to me for assistance and support. Please send me an email if you’d like support during that time!

Finally, just a reminder that report cards for the 3rd marking period were posted on Sapphire last week. More information is available with access report cards here.

As always, don’t hesitate to email with questions or concerns!

Karli Feaster