Materials for School

  • Plastic pencil box (8″ x 5″) with pencils and erasers
  • Small personal pencil sharpener
  • 24 pack of crayons
  • Glue sticks
  • Yellow highlighter
  • Pack of colored pencils and markers
  • Dry-erase markers with your child’s name on each marker
  • Clean sock for erasing mini whiteboards
  • Box of tissues and/or hand sanitizer for the classroom

Friday Updates!

House Scavenger Hunt today at 11 a.m.!

Go to our google classroom and click on our google meet link. Earn points for your house!

Hats off to you!

Students, I have been so proud of you. Thanks for keeping up with your work and also keeping your interests and your thoughts going! Students and parents, this video is for you!

Learning plan for next week!

This week was amazing! We had 100% participation plus lots of extra work too. We will have a google meet on Monday at 10 a.m.! I will go over required and extra assignments for the week. Zoey A. is the author of our next Monday Math Challenge. She did an excellent job! Test your math skills with her next week. Please send me the answers so I can credit you in math!

Error in google classroom

Students and families, I had some errors in uploading google classroom for this past week. I want you to know that I still could see all of your answers. I will make sure I have everything correct for next week. Thanks for understanding as I am learning totally new things. Just like you students, some things I remember really well and other things are taking a little longer for me to remember! Thanks for your patience and understanding!

House leaders and Scavenger hunt news!

Check out the video below to see who is house leader!

Use the form below to enter in any house points that you earned this week! Please only submit one time per week!

Scavenger Hunt

WEAR your house shirt and you automatically get 1 point!!! Meet in our google classroom this Friday to join the fun!

Jeniel got into google meet , yay!!! He will be at the scavenger hunt on Friday to represent House Sonador!! Be there!!

Let’s get ready for the week!

Google Meet times this week!

We will talk about what is due and go over the google classroom on Monday, April 27th at 6 pm. Please feel free to start your work during the day Monday, but we will go over what needs to be done for the week.

We will also have a fun meeting on Friday that could earn points for your house. We will have a Scavenger hunt. I will ask you to find something and the first five students back will win a point. Whichever house ends up with the most points by the end of the scavenger hunt, earns their house 20 points!!!! The more students that show up from your house, the better your chances are! Friday, May 1st at 11 am. Get your sneakers on and be ready to find things!

The meeting link is below for both google meets!

Awesome Kids Learning!

Earth Day has passed, but we can still think about the Earth!!

TED ED has released a super cool set of videos that help kids really think about the Earth. If you are bored on a rainy day this would be neat for your child to watch and talk about. The first topic is SHOULD WE EAT BUGS???????


What a productive week!

House Points Marking Period 4 update!


Wow! Not only do you make responsible and respectful choices at school but this week you demonstrated it at home as well. Congratulations to House Kalosyni for earning the most house points this last week, however, the competition is close and any team can take the lead as we head into the 2nd week of the house competition at home. Remember:

  1. You may only earn points for one activity in each point category this week. 
  2. Make sure to have your parents or guardians complete the form by Saturday at Midnight. 
  3. Consider emailing pictures of you demonstrating responsible and respectful behaviors at home to

Here is the link to the House Points Form for the week of April 20th.

House Point LEADERS!

Students are hard at work!!!

Click below to see Eden Hershey demonstrate potential and kinetic energy!

Sohie Rineer has done some amazing research about fossils. Check out this awesome report! You may want to research some of the amazing fossils that she talks about in her report!

Happy Faces Learning!!

Great Job!!!! Makerspace meeting on Friday!!

Great job parents and students!

Great job on the new curriculum and turning in your work in the google classroom. A couple of items that I have learned from the past 24 hours. Students, I can see your answers on the google forms so if your answer is correct, but you worded it differently, don’t worry if the form marks it wrong.

Also, just remember that some of the work is found in google classroom an some of the work is found on the remote learning site. If you can’t find something… please email me and I will send you a link!

MakerSpace meeting this Friday!

If you made something cool in the past 4 or 5 weeks and would like to share it with our class, please come to our google meet on Friday. We will hold the google meet at 11am on Friday!! Come hang out and show some cool things you have been working on. The classroom link is turned off right now, but on Friday I will turn it on. Get creative this week so that you have some thing to share…. legos, art, singing, paper crafts, dance moves, forts! The meet link is below.

New week of learning! Here is what you need to know!

New content is up on the Remote learning site!

Students should take advantage of the learning opportunities on a daily basis. Don’t forget about activities posted by specialists (ex. art, music, physical education, library, and applied engineering). Specialist activities are separated by subject under the elementary tab. Social studies concepts will be integrated into ELA activities when applicable in order to help allow time to expose students to the remaining science topics for the year.

Class Meeting Today at 10:30

Click on the link in google classroom in the stream or click on link here! If you can be on with your child for the first 15 to 20 minutes. I will be giving instructions about how the weeks will go from now until the end of the school year. The rest of meeting will be focused with connecting with the students.

Link to the meeting below

Meet Jocelyn and Let’s Meet!

Meet Jocelyn!

Name: Jocelyn Nevaeh Greggs (my middle name is Heaven spelled backwards)

Age: 8

Birthday: June 20th

Sisters and Brothers: 1 sister who is 5 Lilliana, 1 Brother who is 10 Brayden & stepbrother who is 9 Alexander

Pets: 1 german shephard puppy 3 months Blaze

Hobbies: Cheerleading, sewing, coloring

Favorite Food: Stepdad Tator tot casserole &  Mom spagetti pie 

Favorite Subject at school: Math & Reading

 Favorite Books: Dork Diaries!Favorite place to go on vacation: New Jersey & Florida 

Class, please share a message to Jocelyn Greggs either with a presentation about yourself or google doc saying hi!

Amazing Passport Projects and other work!

Class Meetings are starting MONDAY!!!

On Monday, April 20th we are going to have our first class meeting. We will be doing this through google meet. I have sent the parents the link for our classroom. You will also be able to find the link on our google classroom stream page. See the screencast below to help you. We will meet at 10:30 am on Monday. Please make sure your sound button is muted. Watch below.

See you on Monday!!!

If this way does not work, I also sent your parents a url to paste in the browser! Hope to see you soon!

Google Classroom information

Videos for students and parents!

Here are two videos that will be extremely helpful for you and your parents. We have 14 students on and I am hoping for as many of you as you can join by next Monday! i am still learning a lot about google drive so we will do our best. If you are frustrated, do not hesitate to reach out. Please remember that I will take students’ work by an email picture, sharing a picture with me in google drive or sharing a google doc with me. Next week we will be trying to share activities from google classroom. Please look at the second video. The second video is for next week’s work submission.


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for all of the support and problem solving you are doing to help the kids learn. I am sorry that this has not been an easy fix as students and myself were not using on line learning very much. I appreciate you taking pictures, working with your child, and trying to make the most of this situation. THANK YOU!!!!!

Learn about an artist!

Anna has been studying artist Edgar Degas and even completed a drawing based on his work. Check out this awesome presentation! Maybe you would like to try a Degas inspired art piece!