Looking Ahead!

We had a great week filled with fun and learning. As a class, we are doing such a great job of working together and understanding how to help each other. We finished corrections on our unit 1 math test and that is coming home in their red folder today!

Project Week

We are working on two projects next week. We are doing a character trait project where we will be making life size chararcters and labeling them with character traits. We are also ending our geography unit and students will be creating their own world and making a map of the world to show the skills that they learned in the unit. Both projects will be done in school.

Unit 1 Reading test

Students will be taking their first unit test in reading. In third grade, students will be given a cold read. That is a story that they have never seen before. They will be asked different questions that we covered during the unit. Some skills that will be tested are: story elements, characterization and point of view. We want to see if the students can apply the same skill to a story that they are not instructed on. This gives us a true understanding if they have mastered the skill.

Unit 2 Math Test

This test will be given next Friday. The concepts that we are working on for unit 2 are: Properties of Addition, mental math adding strategies, estimating sums, 2,3 and 4 digit addtion.

Math CDT

We will be taking our math cdt on Monday. This is a long computer test. Because of the cdt being on Monday, students will receive their spelling lists on Tuesday.

Parent Volunteer needed!

We are going to start writing about math next week. I am looking for a parent one day of the week to volunteer at the writing station from 10:30 to 11:30. Your job would be to understand the problem and help students get started and then help students when they get stuck. You would be given an answer key so you could make sure that the students are writing what they need to. You would also offer some editing services as they are finishing them up. Please email me at kim.garvey@pennmanor.net if this would be something you would be interested in. I am looking for a parent that could come in most weeks. Thanks for your help and interest.


This Week September 9

Oceans and continents quiz is tomorrow, Tuesday September 10.

Students have a study guide in their homework folder.

Other Items this week:

Students are taking CDT’s. This is a computer based testing program that helps me guide instruction for each individual student. They will take these tests twice a year. They are lengthy so students will take them for most of the morning. We take breaks and ask them to do their best. Today they will take ELA. Next Monday, they will take Math.

Students will be taking a quiz this week in math. Unit 2 is all about addition. We will be covering the three basic properties of addition, estimating and adding using the CRA method. Students will continue to work on basic facts and problem solving. Homework this unit will be a spiral review of Unit 1, place value. We will use this method for each unti so the concepts hopefully stay fresh in their mind.

Students have the opportunity to work on two computer programs, Xtra Math and Moby Max. Students have a password card for both of these computers. If you would like a copy of the password card sent home, please email me. I encourage students to work on these as Xtra Math helps with basic facts and Moby Max is a leveled program based on an extrance test that your student took the second day of school. These skill go up to 6th grade so if your student is advanced they can practice harder concepts. Students also can practice concepts that they have forgetton from first and second grade. Students can accumulate minutes to unlock and play games. If you would like a copy of their password card, you can email me at kim.garvey@pennmanor.net and I will put it in their red take home folder.

6 G News

A Wonderful Week!

We tackled our first math test and spelling test today. Everybody was working hard and doing their best. We also started working on a new type of writing called a written response. Students are learning how write academically. They will use this every year until they graduate. It has been a great start to many challenging topics.

Look out for next week!

Students will be coming home with a new spelling list on Monday.

Students have a continents and Oceans quiz on Tuesday. They have their study guide in their red homework folder.

Students will be taking a chapter math quiz on our Unit 2 Addition concepts.

We will be diving deeper into character traits and point of view.

We will be working on map elements such as compass rose, map key or legend, scale and the first look at latitude and longitude.

Spirit Days

Every first Friday of the month we encourage students to wear Penn Manor or Eshleman spirit wear. I was a little late in telling the students so I will try to make sure they know when it is coming up.

This Week….9/3

Homework Starts!

Students will have a spelling list this week. They will receive it tomorrow and then on Friday they will take the test. All studying must be done at home. We will not work on spelling words at school. The students will have a basic list of fifteen words and then they have an additional fifteen words that they can choose from.

Students will have a math page this week. They will be working on rounding and reviewing for their chapter 1 test in math on Thursday.

Students will also have reading this week. They have a vocab quiz tomorrow, a comprehension quiz on Wednesday and they will need to read 40 minutes at home this week. They may break up the 40 minutes over 2, 3, or 4 days. When they read, an adult must initial their planner. Please help them complete their assignment by doing this step. All of the homework is also explained on the front of the red take home folder.

What we are Learning!

We are working on the following ideas and concepts:

-What is a map?

-What is the difference between a map and a globe?

-What are the seven major continents and the four major oceans?

-How do you round a number to the tens place? to the hundreds place?

-How do you look at a character in a story? What are inside and outside traits?

-In what point of view is the story written? Is the main character telling a story or is a narrator telling the story?

-What is a pronoun and how do we use it?


Students will be receiving grades this year. I will always put a number on top of a total number. For this marking period, I will be marking A, B, or C. If the grade is lower, I will put “keep working.” I do not like to discourage students initially with grades.

I also use a check plus, check and check minus system on activities that I grade that would be considered classwork.

A check plus = 100% The student did beyond what was expected

A check = 80% The student did what was expected

A check minus = 60% The student missed the mark of what was expected and made many mistakes.

I do grade some classwork during the week in addition to tests, quizzes, labs, and projects. All graded work is cumulative points so there are not weighted categories. The only homework that is graded is the weekly reading and it will be given 10 points once a marking period. Every week that a student misses reading, they lose a point.

Thank You Families!

Thanks so much for coming to see me and your child’s classroom last night. I enjoyed meeting all of you. We had 100% attendance! This has not ever happened in my 15 years of teaching! I hope you had a wonderful time and learned a little more about how your child spends their day! Mrs. Detter’s class won the salsa competition, but we had fun working on it. I will post pictures later today!

Things to know:

Next week, on Tuesday September 3rd ,your child will have a vocabulary quiz. There is a list in the red folder to study. On Tuesday we will also be taking a computer diagnostic test in ELA. This will help me as a teacher focus on strengths and needs of the students. Spelling lists and homework will start next week. Students may bring a snack for the morning because we have last lunch.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Welcome Back!

I am hoping that everyone had a fun and relaxing summer! I will see you very soon and I am excited to hear about the places that you have gone. Remember to bring in your index card with location (city/town), state, Country and also one fact or comment about it. I am in the classroom getting ready for you. I can’t wait to meet you!

Can you guess where this is?
Dr. Garvey taking a picture of the sunset.

News for the week of 5/13

No Olympic Day tomorrow, Tuesday 5/14

Field Trip Wednesday, Wednesday, 5/15

Going to Lake Tobias. Please make sure that your child is here by 7:45am. If you are packing a lunch, please make sure it is disposable bag with your child’s name on it! Students may bring money for the gift shop, but it is not a guarntee that they will get in as it is very small.

Last Spelling Test this Friday!