December News

Happy December! Thanks for all of the fruit donations. Students will be cutting the fruit and be making “Stone” fruit salad to go with our current story, Stone Soup. Here are some items of interest for December.

Culture Project

Today Students each picked a country and they will be conducting research to make a country poster. Students will be researching different ideas such as language, art, sports and education to learn more about different cultures. The students will research for four days and will have 3 school days in total work on the poster. The final project is due Wednesday December 19th. I will keep you posted about the progress!

Reading at Home

Please make sure students are reading at home. I have seen a drop off since Thanksgiving. Thanks for your encouragement and support.

Spirit week and Special activity

The last week before break, we will have a school wide spirit week. The days are as follows: 

December 17 Jammies or Jeans day

December 18 Tacky Holiday Sweater

December 19th Holiday hat/headband day

December 20th Crazy Sock Day

December 21st Candy experiment and special activity. 

Week of 11/19… News

Fall Fest

We are going to cancel Fall Fest because of scheduling. Hopefully, we wil be able to do some combined 3rd grade activities in the following months. For parents that volunteered, I do appreciate the support. 

Short Holiday Week

We will have full days on Monday and Tuesday. We will have a 1:30 early dismissal on Wednesday. It is important that your students are here at school as we have some end of unit reading assessments that are happening this week. Please let me know if you are traveling and will not be attending on Wednesday so I can make sure your child completes all the parts of the assessment.

On Tuesday we will be having our goal celebration from October. We will be having a sundae bar and playing hide and seek. If you would like to donate an ice cream topping, that would be great!


Update 11/13

3 Garvey has been having so much fun this week with Ag in the Classroom. The students are learning a lot and are having great experiences. We also got to experience virtual reality goggles and we went to the Congo, the Galapagos Islands, the International Space station and a Lancaster County Farm. The students are working on an Agriculture in the Classroom Journal to complete  and it is due Friday, November 16th. Students can start taking the journal home on Wednesday. This journal is worth 30 points of their writing grade so it is significant.

We also hit our goals for the month of October and we will be celebrating with an ice cream bar and a game of hide and seek. This will happen on Tuesday, November 20th. If your child has a favorite ice cream topping that you would be willing to donate, that would be great!

A reminder that next week is a short week because of Thanksgiving. We will have a 1:30 early dismissal on Wednesday, November 21st. We will be off Thursday, Friday and Monday. To all of my families, I hope you have a wonderful time together and enjoy yourself!

Kim Garvey

Week of 11/12 – Special Events

I am excited to announce that we will be having Ag in the classroom next week. We will be meeting all kinds of farmers  and farm experts to teach us about agriculture. We will be completing a writing journal to share with you all that we have learned. The students will be sharing great stories with you!

We will also be taking a Virtual Reality tour of the farm, rain forest, and space X. This will happen on Tuesday, November 13.

On Friday, November 16th we will be completing fall stations for learning  and fun. In the morning we will rotate through ten stations including learning how to turn a pumpkin into pumpkin pie, getting the garden beds ready for winter, writing leaf poetry and more! 

Week of November 5th


I am excited to meet with each of you and go over your child’s progress. Just a reminder that there is a 1:30 early dismissal on each of the following days: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

A SOCIAL STUDIES PROJECT will be due on Thursday. Students will start taking it home to finish tomorrow! Have a great week!

October Newsletter 2018

A Month of Learning

Students are working on managing their time on task by timing their partner work!

Math and ELA

We were busy this month learning  a lot of new ways to read and complete math tasks. In reading we learned about informational text structures, main ideas and supporting details and inferencing. We had fun learning about bats and spiders. Students had the experience of making their own spider and teaching the other students in small groups.

In Math, we are learning the ideas that drive multiplication and division. We are working towards fact fluency in rocket math and next week we will be rolling out our math and reading computer program called Moby Max. Students will have a password pasted into their planner and they may use the site at school and at home. This tool is really nice because the students will be leveled based on their responses so they can practice tasks whether they are on a 1st grade or a 5th grade level.


We had a map skills unit learning about maps, globes, continents, oceans, latitude, longitude and communities. Students right now are making their own map using the tools that we learned about. 


We had several students this month that were outstanding in character and academic work. Robert and Emma were seat synergizers. They made a fantastic team in working and learning together. I had special helpers stay in to help me gather all the books from the book bins and put out new books to get ready for second marking period. They are Mia, Ava, Leah, Keyli, and Damien. Bryson and Gavin created a newscast with a green screen using their information from their research extension. Many students including Lorelei, Lily, Silas, Emma, Leah and Ava shared their red folder project and they helped our whole class to get excited about books!

Parents Wanted

This November 16th at 9:30am Mrs. Tran and I are planning a fall festival for 3rd grade. We will be doing a lot of activities including: closing up the garden, learning about how a pumpkin turns into pumpkin pie, reading fall books and creating fall poetry. Students will be rotating through 10 different stations learning about fall and having fun together.  If you would be available to help, we would need parents from 9:20 to 11:20. If you would be willing to help, please email me at Happy long weekend and we will see you next week at conferences.

Pink Out Day Tomorrow!

Pink out Day is tomorrow so if you have a pink shirt, socks or pants, please have the students wear them. Also, if they have a t-shirt from a prior year or from this year please wear it!

Students have been working extremely hard this week because of end of marking period assessments. You should be proud. I also was at a training for the beginning of the week, but am back  today. Look for the October newsletter next week and a fun way for parents to be involved in November.