December News

Happy December! Thanks for all of the fruit donations. Students will be cutting the fruit and be making “Stone” fruit salad to go with our current story, Stone Soup. Here are some items of interest for December.

Culture Project

Today Students each picked a country and they will be conducting research to make a country poster. Students will be researching different ideas such as language, art, sports and education to learn more about different cultures. The students will research for four days and will have 3 school days in total work on the poster. The final project is due Wednesday December 19th. I will keep you posted about the progress!

Reading at Home

Please make sure students are reading at home. I have seen a drop off since Thanksgiving. Thanks for your encouragement and support.

Spirit week and Special activity

The last week before break, we will have a school wide spirit week. The days are as follows: 

December 17 Jammies or Jeans day

December 18 Tacky Holiday Sweater

December 19th Holiday hat/headband day

December 20th Crazy Sock Day

December 21st Candy experiment and special activity. 

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