New Year News!

Welcome back to school! The students have been doing great! The end of the marking period is coming up and there were some dates that I want to let you know about.


The last spelling test that counts for marking period 2 is this week. Please make sure your child is working on the word list for this week.


We are currently in a literature unit where we are reading the novel,  Stone Fox, together. We are completing a variety of activities that go with the book. Students are also reading individual novel units in E/I. Some students are working on book projects as well.


We are wrapping up a review noun unit and moving to verbs. We will complete verbs by the end of the month.


We are wrapping up our unit on Physics. We will have an End of unit test on Thursday January 17th. The study guide will come out Monday January 14th.


We will be finishing up an algebraic concept unit. The chapter test will be on Thursday the 17th, but will count for the 3rd marking period. Our next chapter goes into fractions. We will be working on Fractions for the rest of the month.

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