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Important Dates

February 22nd Kids at Work Day – Dress like a career you would like to try when you are an adult

February 25 – Read Across America Spirit Day –Dress like Thing 1 or Thing 2 / Twin Day

February 27 – Clash Day Mis Match Clothes Day

March 1st – Book Character Day Dress Like your Favorite Book Character


3GT was a wonderful success! We had more than half of our class participate in this special event organized by Lorelei Conner. We have so much talent in our class and we really enjoyed seeing the acts. A big thank you to parents who came to watch the show. Our winner by ballot was Caelem Haines who performed with Diabolo sticks. Great job to all of our acts!

Coming Up

This week we are starting our Lancaster County History Unit. We will be talking about special people and places all over Lancaster County. If you have a connection to Lancaster County History and would like to share it with the class, we would love to have a guest speaker!

We are moving onto customary and metric measures. If you notice students measuring more things or filling up measuring cups, that is awesome! We are working on capacity, mass and length for this chapter!

We are moving into Unit 6 of our reading curriculum. We will be exploring text features and how to compare the content of two different texts. Right now we are focusing on trees.

We have just finished up our persuasive 5 paragraph essays about their favorite restaurants. Students did an amazing job! They will be hanging in the hallway, but coming home on Friday will be their rough draft and grade sheet! Great job, class!

Any questions or concerns, please email me at kim.garvey@pennmanor.net

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