6G News – April


Students will be taking the PSSA Monday, April 15 to Wednesday, April 17th. Each day students will take one ELA test. Each test is about 20 questions. There will be a writing section. We ask that students get a good night’s sleep and eat breakfast to be prepared. After Spring Break, there will be two PSSA Math Tests, one Wednesday and one on Thursday, April 24 and 25. Any days that students are absent will be made up as soon as possible.

Field Trips

Students will be going on two field trips this May. May 3rd we will be exploring market as part of a Lancaster County History unit and we will be going to Lake Tobias on May 15th as a live experience for our life cycles unit. We are really excited to take the students into these real world experiences.

Writing Project

Right now we are working on an informational essay about penguins in Antarctica. Each student is researching one of the 6 penguins that live on this continent. They will make a diagram of their penguin and produce a life size replica of their penguin on paper. We will then place them on our ice continent outside of our room. Students are really excited about this project.

Literature Groups

During our enrichment and intervention groups, most students have been able to read two novels. We are starting our last round of novels. My hope is that we are reading and in the habit so that summer reading comes naturally to your children. I know books have so many distractions to compete with but this class truly loves their books. We will also be reading a class novel about a student visiting her aunt in Peru. We will once again be exploring a new place in the world and looking at the georgraphy of South America!

Dates to remember

April 15, 16, and 17 ELA PSSA in the Morning

April 19 and 22 – Spring Break – No school

April 24 and 25 Math PSSA in the morning

May 3 Field trip to Lancaster City Market

May 8 Assembly – Dancing with the Honeybees

May 10 Early Dismissal

May 15 Field Trip Lake Tobias

Any Questions?

Feel free to email me at kim.garvey@pennmanor.net

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