This Week September 9

Oceans and continents quiz is tomorrow, Tuesday September 10.

Students have a study guide in their homework folder.

Other Items this week:

Students are taking CDT’s. This is a computer based testing program that helps me guide instruction for each individual student. They will take these tests twice a year. They are lengthy so students will take them for most of the morning. We take breaks and ask them to do their best. Today they will take ELA. Next Monday, they will take Math.

Students will be taking a quiz this week in math. Unit 2 is all about addition. We will be covering the three basic properties of addition, estimating and adding using the CRA method. Students will continue to work on basic facts and problem solving. Homework this unit will be a spiral review of Unit 1, place value. We will use this method for each unti so the concepts hopefully stay fresh in their mind.

Students have the opportunity to work on two computer programs, Xtra Math and Moby Max. Students have a password card for both of these computers. If you would like a copy of the password card sent home, please email me. I encourage students to work on these as Xtra Math helps with basic facts and Moby Max is a leveled program based on an extrance test that your student took the second day of school. These skill go up to 6th grade so if your student is advanced they can practice harder concepts. Students also can practice concepts that they have forgetton from first and second grade. Students can accumulate minutes to unlock and play games. If you would like a copy of their password card, you can email me at and I will put it in their red take home folder.

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