News and some fun!

News first!

Hi students and families,

First, I wanted to let you know that I am calling just to see how everybody is doing! I am so happy to hear your voices and hear all of the fun things that you are doing. I miss all of you and if I did not get to talk to you today, I am definitely going to try later or tomorrow. Thank you parents for all of the neat projects and goals that you have for your children.

Starting Monday, the 3rd grade team has put together some really neat learning activities. These will not be graded and they are just for you to keep on learning. A lot of these activities you can do by yourself. Here is some information about where to find them!

  • Starting on Monday afternoon the district will have optional learning activities for students to access by grade level on the district homepage, which is
  • Make sure that you are signed up for the Eshleman Blog as that will be the primary means of communication for the school.  Go to the PM website, select school on the top right and choose Eshleman, under the parent tab there is a subscribe to blog link.    

What are you doing?

Pony time for Bethany
Zaavi working on some fun reading!!!

Something fun for today!

My favorite science museum ever is the Franklin Institute! They are closed right now, but they have a cool collection of videos even with neat experiments you can do at home. ! The website is called spark of science. These videos are so fun and my favorite is making a hovercraft at home!

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