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A few items to share!

Book fair is tomorrow. Students may bring money to buy books.

We are starting spelling for the second marking period. Lesson 9 list is going home today and the test will be on Friday.

Family Culture questionnaire is in your child’s red folder. I totally forgot to send it home. 🙁

Family Culture Questionnaire

Today students will be bringing home a family culture questionnaire. Students will be finding out questions about their family and where they came from. This is going to be a part of a social studies unit where we will explore other cultures. If you have a special cultural tradition that your family participates in, be sure to talk with your child about it. We will be sharing traditions and foods that are part of our culture. This Survey will be due Next Friday, November 7th so that gives your family a week to find a time to sit down and talk about the questions!

Thanks for taking the time to do this with your child. You are so important to their learning and I feel blessed by the care that you give your children. It definitely shows here at school.

Weekly Update


We are finishing up Chapter 5, concepts of Division. Chapter 4 and 5 are for getting students acclimated to multiplication and Division concepts. Then in chapters 6-11, we will be focusing on multiplying and dividing specific numbers. We will be having our test on Monday and moving onto Chapter 6 next week. The chapter 5 test will count for marking period 2.


We have been studying the water cycle and the concept of water. Yesterday we did a demonstration model to show how much freshwater and how much salt water is on the Earth. Students were very surprised at what they learned. We are ending our lessons with a writing . We are going to pretend we are a drop of water and we are going on an adventure. Students will use science words and write about their experience being a drop of water.


We have been working with informational literarture. Students have been learning more about main idea, supporting details and inferencing. With our story, “Spiders and their Webs,” students formed groups and taught each other about the different spiders. Unit 2 test have been given and the results showed that we need more work in the implied main idea area. I will be pulling small groups and working on this skill to make sure everyone is sucessful. Students have also been working in literature groups for the the past month. Students have been in groups reading a variety of novels. Our next groups are going to switch. This is the time that I also work on skills with small groups to make sure students are getting second and third touches to math and reading concepts that they need help in.

Special Events

Next week before Halloween, my mom will be coming in and showing the class how to turn a pumpkin into pumpkin pie. We will also be reading some information text about pumpkins and make a treat to eat. The end of the marking period will be October 27th. Most of the subjects are closed at this point because of my plans and having enough grades.


Thanks for your prompt responses to conference scheduling. At conferences, i will be sharing your child’s grades on their first marking period, math cdt information, social and work habits, and one glow and grow for your child. I will share this information so that if there is anything that you would like to ask , there is time for you as well. If there is anything in advance that I can help you with before conferences, please ask. My email address is

Great News!!!

Our school has raised over $5000. 00 for the Eshleman Run for Funds. As a reward, it is CRAZY HAIR DAY tomorrow, Thursday October, 24th. Thanks for all of your help raising money for our school. Students can bring in cash donations any time or also register online to raise money.

Electronic Day this Friday!

We met our goal…. in September! Not one time… 2 times, but 3 times!

Students are celebrating meeting their goals in September and they voted to have an electronic day. Students are welcome to bring in phones, handheld game devices, tablets or computers this Friday, October 18. Students will be logging into to the Penn Manor guest wireless servers. These servers have a considerable firewall and filter. Games need to be rated E to play in school and I will be actively monitoring screens to make sure that students are using the electronics appropriately. After electronic day, we will share a snack together.

October Calendar

11 – Pink out Wear Pink!

14- No School – Columbus Day

18 – 3 Garvey class reward – Electronic Day

21 – PTO Meeting 6:30 pm

24 – End of the Marking Period

25 – Eshleman Run for Funds – Parents are invited to come and support their child

25 – Early Dismissal