Language Arts

The spelling list will always be given at the beginning of the week. It is the student’s responsibility to memorize the words for the test. The test will be given every Friday. Students will have practice pages to complete during the week in their blue work folder, but not all students will choose to work on this. If there is a short week, spelling lists will be given the first day of the week and will be tested on the last day of the week. Students are required to take the first 15 words, but in addition students may choose from 5 bonus words and 10 root words that practice prefixes and suffixes.


Reading 10 minutes 4 nights per week. Student goals will change throughout the year. My goal for each student to be reading over 100 minutes a week independently.


Dailly homework practice – may include basic facts, lesson page or spiral review

Science/Social Studies

There will sometimes be assignments in these subjects

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  1. Dr.Garvey, I was studying my spelling words at home, I thought I put it in my binder and I guess I did not so my mom threw it out. I was wondering if you could e-mail a list to my mom. I don’t know what to do about the packet? I would fine to do it at recess.

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