News and Events

Here are a couple of dates to look out for:

Jump Rope for heart assembly January 23

Yearbook order Form or Online January 28

January Book Order January 31

Snacks and Dodgeball January 30

Snacks and Dodgeball

The students did an excellent job and hit their goals for December. On January 30th we are going to head to the gym for a couple rounds of dodgeball. After dodgeball, we are going to have a snack together. I will be providing drinks. Students are encouraged to bring in their favorite snack to share with their classmates.

End of the Marking Period

We are finished with marking period 2. The students were amazed yesterday when I said they were halfway through 3rd grade! The report cards will be coming home February 1st. When you are looking at the comments, I will write a glow and a grow. The glow will have something to do with academics, attitude, and social and work habits. The grow will be a challenge for third marking period. If you have any questions about the comments on the report card, please feel free to email me at

Topics Coming up!

In third marking period we are looking a lot of different topics to learn and master. In math we will be moving from Algebra to fractions. In Reading we will be comparing two types of literature and finishing our novel. In writing, we will be writing a restaurant review. The students will pick their favorite restaurant and write a persuasive review. In social studies we will be learning some Lancaster County history! It will be a great 9 weeks!


Students work on an online program called Moby Max. If you are looking for extra reading and math work for your child to do, Moby Max is a great way to do it. Students are already leveled in math. We will take some time next week for students to take they reading test in Moby Max. Most students have already completed it. Moby Max will level the student as they answer the questions in the assessment and then they will be given skills at their level. This program is K-8 skill program so your student will have chances to grow. Students know their user name and password and this can be accessed on any device that has internet.

Events Coming up!

Events and Due Dates

January 17 End of Marking Period

January 18 and 21 No School

January 23 Jump Rope for Heart Assembly

January 30 Class Reward – Dodgeball and snacks

Substitute Challenge

The class has been having some challenges with substitutes. I have been getting negative feedback from the sub reports. I know that the students will not be perfect, but there must be a positive environment where all students can learn and that is not happening. I will be out Monday, January 14th and I have challenged the students for a positive sub report. There will be discipline if this is not achieved. I have tried incentives and they have not worked. If you have time this weekend, talk to your child about the expectations that you have for them at school.

New Year News!

Welcome back to school! The students have been doing great! The end of the marking period is coming up and there were some dates that I want to let you know about.


The last spelling test that counts for marking period 2 is this week. Please make sure your child is working on the word list for this week.


We are currently in a literature unit where we are reading the novel,  Stone Fox, together. We are completing a variety of activities that go with the book. Students are also reading individual novel units in E/I. Some students are working on book projects as well.


We are wrapping up a review noun unit and moving to verbs. We will complete verbs by the end of the month.


We are wrapping up our unit on Physics. We will have an End of unit test on Thursday January 17th. The study guide will come out Monday January 14th.


We will be finishing up an algebraic concept unit. The chapter test will be on Thursday the 17th, but will count for the 3rd marking period. Our next chapter goes into fractions. We will be working on Fractions for the rest of the month.

Last Week before Break!

Spirit Week

December 17  Monday, Jammies or Jeans day

December 18 Tuesday, Tacky Holiday Sweater

December 19th Wednesday, Holiday hat/headband day

December 20th Thursday,Crazy Sock Day

Academic News

The students have been doing a tremendous job working at school. I am so proud of their behavior and effort during December!!!M

Country Poster Project – Due tomorrow Monday December 17th.

Many students are finished, but if your child brought home a poster, it means they are finishing it for tomorrow!

No Spelling List this Week!

Two major assessments – Monday and Tuesday.

Please really try to make sure your child makes it to school Monday and Tuesday. We have some unit assessments in Math and Reading that need to be done before the holiday.

Fun Friday

We will be doing a fun activity with m and m’s on Friday. If you would be willing to send in some m and m’s, we still need some for the activity.

Cleaning Wipes are needed. If you are able to donate, I appreciate it!

Week of December 10th

Sample of the Country Poster Project

Country Poster Project

Students have been researching their own special country and now they are starting their poster project. We will be working on the project today, Wednesday and Thursday in class. They will be bringing it home to finish and the project is due Monday. Please use this picture to help your child complete their project. Thanks for your help!

Candy Needed

Next Friday we will be doing special activities with candy. We need candy canes small and m and m’s. Also if you would be willing to donate 1 or 2 of your favorite child’s candy bar that would be great. 

1/2 way  through Marking Period 2

We are halfwway through marking period 2.  Students are working towards using test taking strategies more permanently and using math strategies to multiply and divide. We are looking to add more content and style to our writing.

Any questions? Please email me at Thanks for everything you do as parents!

December News

Happy December! Thanks for all of the fruit donations. Students will be cutting the fruit and be making “Stone” fruit salad to go with our current story, Stone Soup. Here are some items of interest for December.

Culture Project

Today Students each picked a country and they will be conducting research to make a country poster. Students will be researching different ideas such as language, art, sports and education to learn more about different cultures. The students will research for four days and will have 3 school days in total work on the poster. The final project is due Wednesday December 19th. I will keep you posted about the progress!

Reading at Home

Please make sure students are reading at home. I have seen a drop off since Thanksgiving. Thanks for your encouragement and support.

Spirit week and Special activity

The last week before break, we will have a school wide spirit week. The days are as follows: 

December 17 Jammies or Jeans day

December 18 Tacky Holiday Sweater

December 19th Holiday hat/headband day

December 20th Crazy Sock Day

December 21st Candy experiment and special activity. 

Week of 11/19… News

Fall Fest

We are going to cancel Fall Fest because of scheduling. Hopefully, we wil be able to do some combined 3rd grade activities in the following months. For parents that volunteered, I do appreciate the support. 

Short Holiday Week

We will have full days on Monday and Tuesday. We will have a 1:30 early dismissal on Wednesday. It is important that your students are here at school as we have some end of unit reading assessments that are happening this week. Please let me know if you are traveling and will not be attending on Wednesday so I can make sure your child completes all the parts of the assessment.

On Tuesday we will be having our goal celebration from October. We will be having a sundae bar and playing hide and seek. If you would like to donate an ice cream topping, that would be great!