Check this out! PE instructions from Mr. McCabe!

A wonderful story!

Eden S. wrote a wonderful story about some boxes. This is fun because maybe you can learn something from Eden and try this at home!

People hard at work!

Learn about Sharks! (The Bad Boys of the Ocean) By Zaavi

Getting into Google Classroom for PE – Instructions Below

Join Code: txy45eg
LETORT Join Code: uyzd2dc

To connect to Google Classroom: 

Step 1: Go to your Google Classroom homepage or type into the web browser.

Step 2: Click on the “+” in the top RIGHT corner of the screen. See below.

Step 3: Copy and Paste your “Join Code” from the list above.

News and a New Monday math challenge!

Office Hours

Each week, I will be having office hours. This will be a time when I will be available to help students and answer questions. This week office hours are 10am-12pm. I will certainly be available other times during the day, but this is when you should get a prompt response.

Work this week

You can access the website for third grade here.

Students will be turning in work this week for feedback and credit. Students will not be graded. The ways students can turn in work is either a google doc shared with me or a picture of the work shared with me through email. I will mark the activity with an R. I will provide feedback right on the google doc or through email. Fridays will be the day that I update Sapphire. If I miss something, please email me and I will make sure it is recorded appropriately.

Work for next week 4/20

Starting next week work will be new. Because a significant number of students have older siblings, we are going to try out google classroom. This week I am going to make video to show students how to get into google classroom and they can go and leave a message. For next week, all activities will be loaded into the classroom. I will just copy the teaching notes and descriptions and then there will be live links to videos and worksheets. The nice thing about google classroom is that students will be able to download and submit their work online so that they do not have to worry about taking a picture. I will get together some videos for students to practice with.

You will still be able to submit work by sharing with me and sending pictures. I just wanted another option that will be easier for students if they understand the technology. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know by emailing me at

Monday Math Challenge

This week I have made all links in the presentation so that you DO NOT have to ask for permission. Students will be able to access the items whether or not they are in google drive. Again, these are extra activities that you can try in addition to the website.

Pictures coming later today!! You are all working so hard!

Check this out!

Check out this video to learn how to use more items in your google drive!

Students doing awesome things!

Starting Monday, New learning activities will be online! I will be responding and recording the activities that you complete! I can’t wait to see your work!


Look at these kids doing awesome things!

Shout out to Eden Hope Hershey!

Eden finished all of her 3rd grade activities and some extra things too!! Way to go, Eden!!!!

Who has conquered Level 3 of the Monday Math challenge?

Students have been doing an awesome job with the Monday Math challenge. If you get to level 3 , I will show you two examples of how you could do it.

Zaavi turned in this awesome google slide. Click below to check it out!

Elliott just took a picture of the work that he did on a piece of paper@

This challenge is open until Thursday! Remember that Friday is a school vacation day. You should be enjoying time with your family and not fighting with your brothers and sisters!

Makers Club comes home!!!

Remember how much fun we were having with Maker’s Club? Eden H. finished the presentation and inserted a little video. If you choose to make bracelets from home, reward them to your family for doing something awesome or to cheer someone up!

Click below for the presentation!

I Miss You!!!!!!

Check out some new things for this week!

Monday Math Challenge!

Every Monday I will be posting a Monday math challenge. This week’s challenge focuses on multiplication facts 1-12. Below I have link that will share a google slide presentation with you. There are three levels… Level 1 and 2 come with answer keys so mom or dad, you can check their work. Level 3 has a video that shows you what to do. You have all week to work on this math challenge. Next week I will have a new challenge!

Two Awesome projects for you to check out!

The first project is from Trenton about Great Danes. This gives excellent information and awesome pictures! Click below to check it out!

This next project is from Lila and her brother Jeren! They found really cool facts about Narwhals! Check it out by clicking the link below!

Keep sending me your work!

The learning activities are the same for this week. Please continue to share with me your work that you are completing. Starting next Monday, I will start giving feedback on your work and counting your work in sapphire. Continue to practice and if you want, take my math challenge this week! Please send me pictures of you and your work to Have a wonderful day!

Learning Updates!!

Learning update for parents!

Check out some teacher read alouds from the Eshleman staff!

Current learning activities will be posted until April 12. Starting April 13, there will be a new set of activities posted for grade 3. Remember to use this link.

During the week of the 13th, I will start putting assignments into the sapphire grade book. I will be giving feedback and keeping notes on how students are doing with the review work. Your student will receive and R in sapphire for completing the work. This will help myself and the district account for the work that students are doing! This is still a review of 3rd grade work.

Anna reads a bedtime story to her younger sisters@
Noah worked on an awesome social studies activity of a map of his living room! Awesome key!
Julian S. completed the hero art challenge. Beautiful job, Julian!

Jocelyn and Kayden working hard!!!!!

Have a great weekend and I will have some new things to share on the blog on Monday!

Love your work!

Thanks student for you all of your updates on work! I want thank Julian Sanchez as he has shown me the most assignments this week! Super Job Julian!!!

A sample of Julian’s awesome work!

Keep working hard and send me pictures of your work and your life. I miss you!!!

Check this out!

I am so excited to see all of the learning going on…..

Check out these students working and playing!!!!

Keep the pictures coming! It is so nice to see you and your families!