Stroud Water Research Center

We had an amazing time learning about what healthy freshwater ecosystems look like at the Stroud Water Research Center. The team at Stroud led us in finding macroinvertebrates, identifying them, and looking more closely at them under microscopes. We also took measurements of the water to determine the health of White Clay Creek (it’s very healthy!) Is the Little Conestoga Creek just as healthy? We’ll find out when we get back into the water next week!

One thought on “Stroud Water Research Center

  1. I had so much fun there at stroud water reaserch center.I had so much fun when i got to catch a cray fish and a mayfly and going into the creek i reallyenjoyed it I cant wait to see you soon ps. from Nilah to Stroud. i cant wait to come back and learn more about the creek and it naturalhabitat. i really enjoyed it.

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