Classroom Information

Our Schedule

Day A: Music

Day B: Tech Ed

Day C: Art

Day D: Phys. Ed. (Wear your sneakers!)

Lunch: 11:56-12:36


This year, fourth graders at Hambright are asked to bring the following supplies:

  • Pencils
  • One pack of markers
  • Eraser
  • Glue stick
  • Pack of dry erase markers
  • Pencil Box/Bag

Please be in touch if you need help finding or purchasing any of these items.

Scholastic Book Orders

While I will occasionally send home book order pamphlets, Scholastic book orders can be made at any time throughout the year by visiting and entering teacher code 1JDWR. If you could drop me an email letting me know that you placed an order, I would be so appreciative!

Birthday Treats

We love to celebrate birthdays in 4H! If you would like to send in a birthday treat, please send me an email or call so that I can make sure to make time for our celebration in our day. Also, please note that birthday treats should be peanut and dairy-free, if possible. There are currently 22 students in our class.


On most weeks, your child will have a spelling test on Friday (words will go home or be posted on Google Classroom the Friday before the test). Spelling words should be reviewed throughout the week as needed. If you need ideas for how to study words at home, check out this link!

Your child should be reading nightly for about 20 minutes (this can relax on weekends). Frequent reading builds stronger readers, so this is a very important practice. While I will not be checking reading homework every day, I trust your family to make your child’s reading a priority in order to help them succeed.

Math homework will also occasionally go home, though your child will sometimes have time to finish it in class. Please do not allow your child to spend more than 15 minutes on their math homework- it’s OK if it’s unfinished if they gave it their best. Just sign the homework or write a short note so that I know they tried it at home.