Happy to be back together!

Our 5-L family dinner for 28- our student chefs made homemade chicken noodle soup, Chex Party Mix, applesauce, dirt pie, and sparkling punch. They also set the table!

I hope that you all enjoyed your holiday break and had a restful, joyful time together! It was great to be back together as a classroom family again after the days apart. 

This week we will have a spelling and vocab test on Friday. List 12 went home on Wednesday of last week. Here is the Spelling City link.

Here are a few more photos of our fun from last week:


Tomorrow is PICTURE RETAKE DAY! Please make sure that your child is prepared if you choose to have their photo retaken!

Tomorrow is also CAMPING DAY! We’ll have a normal day, except that we’ll be “camping out” in the classroom, If your child has a flashlight and either a blanket or small sleeping bag, feel free to send it in tomorrow. 

Thank you for all that you do for our 5L students!

What’s happening in 5L?

We’ve been busy in 5L!

First, we cheered on our classmates as they raced against Mr. Howe.

Then, we learned some basics about bridge building and applied it to our own q-tip bridges (seen here being tested by the weight of a stack of books).

Last week, we learned more about Diwali, a Hindi festival celebrated by our Nepali classmates. We made paper lanterns and ate Nepali food, courtesy of Aawash’s family!

Today, we celebrated Veteran’s Day by welcoming our family members who served in the armed forces.

Last week we began our study of Greek and Latin root words. We will be taking a quiz on Friday on the meaning of the following roots:

ann/enn (year), aqu/hydr (water), anti/contra(against, opposite), anim/bio (life), auto(self), inter (between), and am/amat/phil, phile (love). 

Papers were distributed to students today that can be used to study these roots if necessary. 

Have a terrific week!


We’ve been really busy in 5-L! Lately we’ve been doing lots of long division, discussing theme, and looking more closely at cells under microscopes. We also learned more about showing respect and having a growth-mindset. 

Please remember that our pumpkin book projects will be due on October 26th. The week of October 22nd-26th I will give students some time in-class to work on their projects, however, the written parts of their assignments should be completed at home. These may be hand-written or typed. Please send in pumpkins by Monday, October 22nd if possible. 

Also, we will be having a fall-themed party with our second grade buddies on October 26th. If you would like to donate some small pumpkins (Jack Be Little sized), please let me know. I would gladly accept donations!

Thank you for all that you do to support our classroom!

5-L Mystery Skype

 From our student blogger, Ava:

           Today in five Lutz we had a blast doing our Mystery Skype! It included teamwork , listening skills , and a little knowledge about geography. Every single person in five Lutz had a job so everybody was included.

           The class we Skyped with a class that was located in Georgia. We had a friendly little competition to see who could guess where the other class was. Unfortunately  the other class guessed first by a second. Mystery Skype is a chance for classes to get to communicate with each other and socialize. We had fun and we recommend doing a Mystery Skype too.

The Week Together

We ended our week on a great foot together as a family. This week, we

  • read a historical fiction story and learned how to visualize and verbalize when reading
  • learned about prime factorization, exponents and the distributive property (challenge your 5th grader to write down a multiplication problem to solve mentally, like 57 x 8 or even 323 x 3), 
  • released over 40 monarch butterflies, many with the help of some Kindergarten buddies!
  • started “watermelon seed” writing
  • took the Classroom Diagnostic test for English Language Arts
  • learned about growth mindset
  • revisited Ms. Lutz’s behavioral expectations and managed to have a terrific Friday!

What’s Ahead?

September 26th- Parts of a Cell Quiz

September 27th- Spelling Test

September 28- NO SCHOOL teacher inservice

Have a great weekend!

Playing “Adrianna says” while waiting after pictures

Our first full week!

We had an exciting week! We learned about animal and plant cells, and constructed a cell replica using cookies and candy. We received Monarch butterflies chrysalises  from the grandmother of one of our classroom family members, watched a caterpillar transform into a chrysalis, and released four butterflies. We also had our first Mystery Skype. From Eva:                                                                                                                                           A couple of days ago we did a Mystery Skype! That is when we call a different class and try to guess where they are. We can only use yes or no questions. The class that we skyped with was in Illinois. Fun fact: they don’t eat ketchup on their hot dogs. We all had a great time!

Have a terrific weekend, 5-L Family! Don’t forget to wear your sneakers for gym on Monday!


Longgg day!

I’m sorry if I sent home lots of rammy kiddos today! We had a verrryyy long diagnostic test and spent much of the afternoon finishing it up. 

Looking ahead:

-We will be testing Chapter 1 Math on Thursday. This will include place value, expanded form, ordering decimals and comparing numbers. 

-Our Lesson 2 Test in Spelling will be on Friday, September 14th. If you want to get a jump on the list, the words are here

Have a great weekend!

This Week

This week we learned about the parts of the animal cell, compared decimals and reviewed place value, read a realistic fiction excerpt called Rope Burn (and climbed a rope to give us some perspective), wrote about our future plans and learned some new vocabulary words. Some follow up questions for home might be:

-How did you practice your spelling words at school this week?

-What vocabulary word did your group act out, and how did you demonstrate it?

-What was the conflict and resolution in Rope Burn?

-How do you write 324.987 in expanded form?

-What is one thing that your class is doing well, and what’s one area for improvement?