We had a great week, from traveling to Homefields to learning about bat adaptations (ask your child about the tongue of a pollinating bat!). Don’t forget that tomorrow is the Penn Manor Pink Out (wear pink!) and our Lesson 5 spelling test.

#bathands for National Geographic Explorer and bat conservationist Kristen Lear, who Skyped in to 5H to share all about our furry flying friends!
Looking for sources of non-point pollution on our playground

A message from the Hambright PTO:

The Hambright Family Fun Movie Night is being moved to Friday, November 15th due to a conflict with homecoming for the original date. Hambright students and their immediate family members (i.e. parents and siblings only) are welcome.
Again, the movie night will now be held on November 15th. Doors will open at 6:30. The movie will begin at 7:00 pm. 
There will be more details about the evening coming home in November.
Fyi…we will not be allowed to communicate over the blog, website, or Facebook which movie will be playing as the licensing company restricts public communication of the movie title and production company. HOWEVER, closer to the date we will send home a flyer with your child and communicate over announcements which movie will be playing.
If you have questions, please email ptohambright@gmail.com.


I am so sorry, but I forgot to send home this week’s spelling list! The words are here. I will give the students extra time in class to practice. If you feel your student needs more time, please be in contact and I will allow them to test on Monday of next week.

Lesson 2

Words with Long Vowels

and Vowel Digraphs

  1. needle
  2. speech
  3. reason
  4. crease
  5. thief
  6. fade
  7. obtain
  8. faint
  9. steep
  10. rayon
  11. eager
  12. shadow
  13. kneeling
  14. mild
  15. coach
  16. smoke
  17. twice
  18. human
  19. teenage
  20. niece

Challenge Words

  1. saying
  2. retrieve
  3. emerge
  4. amusement
  5. disappear

Another great week!

This week we learned more about animal adaptations, studied character traits, led Virtual Reality tour, and learned something very interesting about millipedes. Speaking of interesting animal facts, did you know that otters have a third clear eyelid, or that pronghorn antelopes are the second fastest animal in the world? We learned those facts when we Skyped with the Center of the West!

Make sure you check your child’s communication folder, sign, and return it as soon as possible next week. Have a terrific weekend!

New friends!

This morning we met and released two male monarch butterflies! It was amazing as always to see the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly.

Tonight your child’s communication folder went home. Please review the documents inside, sign, and feel free to add any comments. Tonight’s math homework is page 59 and 60. Our spelling test is Friday.

Fun times in 5H

I’m excited to see everyone tomorrow! Don’t forget that tomorrow is gym.

This week we’ll be continuing to learn about point of view, perspective, and characterization. We’ll also be learning about animal adaptations. We are going to try again this week to see if we can contact our new friends in Nigeria through Skype. We also have a Spelling test on Friday.

Practicing our vocabulary words
Spelling word practice with shaving cream

Our Day

We had lots of fun exploring Virtual Reality today! We viewed a classmate’s tour of our school to learn how to use the VR kit. We will then help younger students to use the equipment properly. We also visited the Great Wall of China without leaving our classroom!

This week’s spelling words (test 9/13):

  1. bandage
  2. chest
  3. drift
  4. dull
  5. dusk
  6. stretch
  7. flock
  8. fond
  9. measure
  10. does
  11. scrap
  12. shift
  13. smash
  14. switch
  15. swept
  16. threat
  17. timid
  18. plaid
  19. trust
  20. twist


humiliation, fringe, expectations, coaxed, sincere, hesitating