Welcome to 5H!

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to reconnect with my classroom family in a few weeks! It was such a pleasure meeting my new students in June. I’ve been thinking about them this summer and planning all sorts of interesting learning adventures!

A few things to know going into this year:

I think that being active and outside is an important part of being a kid. Please send your child to school in clothes that are play-friendly and can get dirty. We will sit on the floor, read in the grass, and tromp around by streams and ponds. If you have an old pair of sneakers that you want to send with your child, they may keep them in their cubby,

Your student will have the following nightly homework from me (Mr. Ayer might assign math homework): read and study spelling if needed. I am not a big believer in homework, but I am a big believer in reading. Please encourage your child to read nightly during the school week. I also highly recommend reading aloud at home- students at this age still really enjoy read alouds! Please let me know if you need any help with selecting books.

I will be sending home lots of important information on the first day, including directions for subscribing to Remind for text alerts and photos from our class.

I can’t wait to see you all soon! Enjoy these last summer days!


Mrs. Harnish

This summer I traveled to Badlands National Park in South Dakota to learn more about teaching outside. My favorite part was fossil hunting, Here I am holding a coprolite- a fossilized piece of poop!

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