What’s up with 5H?

Pumpkins helped us think of some great adjectives for our writing!
Getting inspiration for descriptive writing!
Working on our Kindness Pledge
Studying cells under a microscope
Skyping with Leonardo Lanna, National Geographic Explorer

We’ve been busy as usual! We’ve learned about cells through virtual reality and by looking at them under microscopes. We Skyped with National Geographic Explorer and founder of Project Mantis Leo Lanna, and soon we will be looking at his expedition reports to decide which one should be sent to the magazine for publishing. We’ve learned about Leonardo Da Vinci and his artwork and have been writing about Thanksgiving. We’re learning about decimals in math and the beginning of the Revolutionary War in social studies. We’ve also been emphasizing kindness by creating a Kindness Pledge, comparing notes on Kindness with another class in Texas, and acting as Undercover Secret Kindness Agents for our classmates.

Next week we will be visiting the Star Lab ( a temporary exhibit at Hambright) to go inside a cell and look around. We will also teach our friends from Spain about the US on Monday through an Empatico Skype. We will also be doing STEM activities related to Thanksgiving.

Also, next week on Wednesday, November 27th, we will be sharing a simple meal together as a classroom family that we will make ourselves. If you would like to send in a food donation, please sign up at the link below. Thank you so much for supporting our classroom!

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