It’s Been a While!

I’ve obviously not been devoting the time to this blog that I should be. I wanted to catch you all up on what’s been going on in 5H in case you hear a lot of “nothing” when you ask your student what they did in school:)


Our students have been interviewing local refugees and immigrants in our communities to hear their stories. So far we’ve interviewed people from Syria, Iraq, Nicaragua, Nepal and Cambodia. We are learning how to turn these interviews into podcasts. Next week, we will be welcoming Mustafa Nuur and Bridge Lancaster to Hambright to learn more about the stories of refugees, to try food from their countries, and to Skype into the Dadaab refugee complex in Kenya.


Leonardo Lanna, National Geographic Explorer and founder of Project Mantis, has been partnered with our class this year. He shared his expedition journals with us; we then read, summarized and critiqued them. Up next, we’ll be proposing an expedition for Leo and his team! We’ll also be using both scientific facts and artwork to learn more about the praying mantis and the endangered Atlantic rainforests where they’re found.


This year, our classroom has been chosen to work with to teach kindness skills and try to model kindness school-wide. Most weeks, those who have demonstrated kindness to themselves, others, and our the world go out into the school for a half hour of service. If they have struggled during the week, they stay with me and we process what is happening and what steps we can take to improve the situation. 5H students have made cards for teachers, picked up trash on our school’s campus, and made pick-me-up cards for the 600+ students in our school. Today we read with Kindergartners and helped them locate countries on the globe as another kind act.

We’re also writing text dependent analyses, reading novels, learning about fractions, and conducting energy experiments- out usual daily work. Please keep encouraging your student to read nightly for 20 minutes and be prepared for Friday spelling tests.

Thanks for all of your hard work from home!

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