Parent Information

*Session Times:

AM-8:50-11:35 PM-12:50-3:25

*Early Dismissals:

The AM and PM alternate who is in session on these dates.  The children will be in session from 8:50-1:25 on these dates, and will eat lunch at school.   These are shown on the district calendar which is found on the district website.  I will also give advance notice prior to each early dismissal.


1 Hour Delay—AM is in session from 9:50-11:35, PM remains on usual schedule

2 Hour Delay—AM is in session from 10:50-12:45(no lunch), PM is in session from 1:45-3:25

Absences, Early Dismissals, and Pick-ups:

If your child is absent, please send in a absentee form, explaining the absence, with your child when they return to school. You may also email the school regarding the absence.

If you child needs to be dismissed early from school, please email or send in an early dismissal form with your child.

If there is a change on how your child is being dismissed from school, please inform the school through email or note prior to the child leaving school.


Each family has been asked to supply the following…

-8 pack of crayons

-yellow hi-liter

– 2 glue sticks

-washable markers—classic 8 colors


These will be placed in together to be used by the whole classroom.  The supplies may be sent in the first 2 weeks of school.

*Snacks/Optional Supplies:

We will have a quick snack most days in kindergarten.  I will supply these, however, if you would like to donate any of the following throughout the year, it would be greatly appreciated.  They can be sent in anytime with your child throughout the year.  I have also included other items that we do use a great deal.  Please do not feel that you must send in any of them, it is completely optional.

–teddy grahams                          –plastic cups

–pretzels                                      –napkins

–crackers                                     –band-aids

–goldfish crackers                      –ziplock baggies-all sizes

–animal crackers                        –play-doh

*Birthday Treats:

Because we are having more and more children with food allergies, I am asking that parents do not send in edible Birthday Treats on their child’s birthday.  If you would like to still send in a treat, please consider these options…

–stickers, pencils, erasers

–a book that the birthday child can give to the classroom—a book plate would be put in the front of the book by me stating who the book was given by.