First Full Week Since May!

We did it!! We made it!! First full week since May was a success!


Students continued to dive deeper into story elements, plot elements and characterization this past week. We also got to start the novel, Ghost, by Jason Reynolds. Students are VERY interested in this book! It’s a good one!

Students also worked on a TDA (Text-Dependent Analysis). Many students were able to sit and teach Mrs. Tercha how to write one of these, to which I am very grateful for their patience.


This past week, students took their first math test for the school year (Chapter 1). This is the most difficult chapter, but overall the students did well.

Table Points:

Congratulations goes out to the Purple Table for accumulating the most table points for the month of August! Students earn table points by displaying positive behavior. Some examples of how students could earn table points is by the table members coming in quietly from recess and reading silently, everyone pushing chairs in when leaving classroom, everyone following teacher directions quickly and quietly and also by everyone acting like leaders in the hallway and during specials. Whoever earns the most points at the end of the month gets a special treat from Mrs. Tercha.

The Purple Table requested Starbucks Frappuccinos for breakfast.

**Please note, these were caffeine free.** 🙂

Looking Ahead:

Coming up this week, we will continue to read our novel, Ghost, and dissect more with characterization. Students will also work on the analysis part of the TDA.

In math, we will be taking the CDTs on Tuesday. This will be done with the entire 6th grade.

We will also be starting our Social Studies unit at the end of this week (Friday). This unit will focus on the Civil War.


We will be taking a field trip on September 26th (next Thursday), so please fill out and turn in both field trip forms this week! If your student needs another copy, please let me know! We will be going to the Lancaster County Parks with the rest of the 6th grade students and work on team building activities.


Monday – Music

Tuesday – Tech.; Math CDTs

Wednesday – Art

Thursday – Phys. Ed.

Friday – Music

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Third Week In!

We’ve completed the third week of school and it’s full steam ahead!


Students will have their first Unit test on Tuesday of this week. Because students switch for this subject, I do not see any of my homeroom students during math time. However, all four 6th grade teachers will be testing Tuesday, 9/10. Study, study!


This past week we continued to talk about Story Elements and Plot Elements. We also learned about Characters and Conflict in a story and how multiple conflicts create suspense and interest for the reader.

This week coming up, we will finally get to start our first novel, Ghost by Jason Reynolds. Students will also be taking the CDTs on Tuesday. The CDTs give us a better look at where the student is at academically and investigate areas of need for students.


Spelling Packet #1 was given out and completed! Students did AMAZING on their first spelling test. Spelling Packets will be given out on Fridays and collected the following Thursday. All Spelling Tests will be on Friday as well.


Lastly, students have started the Earth Science unit in science this year. All four teachers will be teaching a section for three days, then the students will rotate to a different teacher to learn about another section of the Earth Science unit. Students will have all four teachers during this unit at some point over the next 12 days.

Below are some pictures of our class taking a VR (Virtual Reality) tour using our Google Expedition Goggles purchased by our wonderful PTO. We were the first class at Hambright to use these Goggles! It was awesome!

Looking Ahead:

Monday – Gym

Tuesday – Music; CDTs for ELA; Unit 1 Math Test

Wednesday – Tech

Thursday – Art; Spelling Packet #2 due

Friday – Gym; Spelling Test

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Leaders leave their MARK

Students gained a better understanding of Hambright’s PBIS this week. Hambright Leaders leave their MARK! Ask your student to see his/her PBIS folder!

Mrs. Tercha’s 6th grade students took this a step further by painting our right hands, taking the pledge to leave our MARK, and then sealed the deal by signing our names underneath!

Our Pledge

Next week, our schedule will start to become more “normal” with math in the morning and ELA in the afternoon. Due to the Labor Day holiday, Thursday the 29th will be an early dismissal and NO SCHOOL on both Friday the 30th and Monday the 2nd. Specials next week will be:

Monday 26th – Phys. Ed. (wear sneakers)

Tuesday 27th – Music

Wednesday 28th (Hambright’s Open House 4-6pm) – Applied Engineering

Thursday 29th (1:30pm dismissal) – Art

Lastly, Hambright’s Open House (Back to School Night) will be on Wednesday the 28th. This will be a drop-in event, so come anytime between 4pm and 6pm. Hope to see some of you then!

Have a great weekend!

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Great First Day!

We had a wonderful first day in 6th grade today! These students have started off on the right foot!

We spent a lot of time going over rules and expectations for our class room and for our large group instruction time. According to our students’ votes, the number one rule is…


Respect one another and yourself. Coming in a close second was, ‘No fighting’, followed by ‘No talking when someone else is talking’.

Tomorrow we will be introducing our school wide PBIS plan (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports). A newsletter will be coming home for you to look at later this week about PBIS at Hambright.

Thank you all for a wonderful first day! I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

Each student got to write two rules for the class on post-its and stick them to the board.
The bars represent the same rule.

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Looking forward to a new year

I am very excited to join the Hambright Sixth Grade Team. I look forward to meeting you on the first day!!

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